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not mine, but surely amusing :slight_smile:

Bad Squiddo Games (The Dice Bag Lady)


Amusing yes, but hmmmm, not my cup of tea

Mivrash Faz:

Those are brilliantly ridiculous :o

Fuggit Khan:

Those are brilliantly ridiculous :o

Mivrash Faz
I always enjoy seeing the fun side of this hobby...grim, dark, blood, crush, kill, destroy is all very nice...but sometimes it's absolutely refreshing to see some humor too ;P


I would be absolutely terrified to face a frenzied my little pony with S7 and A6 :smiley:


Nice. I too love the evil cuteness


People should do what makes them happy and enjoy their hobby in a manner that brings them joy, comfort, friends, relaxation etc. So I’m glad for anyone who have found their calling.

But I hate them. Ugly, pink, doesn’t fit even remotely into the Warhammer setting. It’s like that My Little Pony bretonia army. … Nope. It doesn’t work for me. I wouldn’t even like to play against an army like that.  And the painting ain’t that good either, real simply techniques - so I wonder about all the rewards there…

The bases are really great though. Fantastic and something along the lines of what I’m going for with my wood elves.

She does make some really nice dice bags. And the bale taurus is funny. Would have won AC:XVI.