[Archive] Chaos Hounds + Gob = HobGob Wolf riders


Its not a new idea, but I came across 20 chaos hounds in my bitz box (quite a find yep!) and I managed to buy on the cheep 20 goblin wolf riders minus their wolves.

So having a look at them logistically the backs of the chaos hounds are a bit to pointy sort of like:- ^ but the wolf riders legs are more () in shape. So it I was to directly glue them on they would look a bit, well silly.<br><br>I can see three easy answers:-<br><br>1. Shave the top off the hound to make it sit in a bit better, but if that looks wrong it might be rather hard to repair the poor hounds.<br><br>2. Snap the goblins legs in half and turn the () legs via bending and shaving into a more ^ shape.

3. Sculpt a saddle for each goblin rider, however I would have to make 20 of them, hmmmm

Has anyone tried this out before and found a quick and easy way of doing it? Please help!!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I used a small, flat file and just filed down the peaks of the wolf’s fur where you want the Hobgoblin to sit. It then makes a flat “Seat” to glue the Hobgoblin onto. Since the fur would be “Squashed” in that spot, it would look natural. If you don’t file too much off, the area where you filed will be covered by the Hobgoblin’s legs.

I don’t know if you can see where I filed or not.


Cool, one problem (my fault for not saying) i’m using the other ones, the ones that come in a box set of 10, these fellas:-

they have a slightly more ‘john wayne’ legs stance that the spiders riders ‘squat’

Tarrakk Blackhand:

It works out the same way. I have some of those like shown above…just haven’t had time to finish them.

In fact, those guys pictured above look more like they’re riding the wolves than the Spider riders did.

Da Crusha:

I would shave down the wolf a bit until the hobgoblin is the right height. then depending on how it looks I would sculpt a saddle.


Cool, I think a saddle is the way forward. now to find a way of making it look cool, and repeating 20TIMES!!!



N!TRO those wolf riders rock, Now get your ass making some squats;) (but tbh i love the wip conversion they are cool)


n/b:- that’s not my wolf rider, its an example of what I meant by the wolf rider :-p

However thank you for the compliment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and squats, yes I need to get some done!


Honestly, why not sculpt one saddle & use oyumaru to pressmold the rest? It would be quick work and sure beat the heck out of sculpting 20 saddles.:cheers


hmmm… I’ve had an awesome idea! Press molding with goblin arses!

:hat off