[Archive] Chaos mutations on planet Earth




Thats creepy…

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Truly the blessed of chaos, also dam freaky


worship chaos or those snakes will kill you!:o

lucky that we all worship Hashut:hashut


Hehe, cool!

Though I find this a bit disturbing: “shocks scientists”.

I could have bought “surprised scientists”, but I’m not a biologist and even I know animals can sport vestigial limbs from an “earlier” stage of development. I don’t remember the number, but some children are born with “tails”, it is not unheard of.

Sodding journalists, can’t even trust them anymore, if indeed MSN HAS any journalists and not just “mediaworkers”.


DUDE! just srsly ! xD this is so wrong lol it’s just a boardgame please!

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you want to think of real world versions of the taints of Chaos, there is a third world country girl that has reversed legs (I think it was a girl), so they are similar to the beastman position. I forgot the other example that I just had…