[Archive] Chaos Obliterators


Again I represent the old work - Chaos Obliterators ("Twenty-Eight Gaming miniatures - It is my brand : Шляп�f )  - not for sale.
It is made for own using ; P

Pyro Stick:

Damn i would love a unit of those for my Iron Warriors. Excellent work. Much better than the originals.


Group photo


These models are way better than the Games Workshop Metal Oblits. Nice paint job too, looks kinda battle-damaged and such.



I can be not correct have understood, but I will tell. They aren’t painted


Zonk, you are such a mutant!! All of your stuff is amazing it feels like we shouldn’t even be communicating with you and you should instead be locked away in some protected ivory tower to churn out your amazing work. We’re not worthy!!



Zonk, you are such a mutant!!



I have a lot of other models, such as warmachine.