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hey guys.

so i was thinking about my conversions and a thought sprang into my mind and being new to the wonder that is CDs i thought i might voice it for everyone to comment on. my thought was, if i wanted to add symbols or markings to my models what symbols or markings would they be?

being influenced by chaos it would seem feasable that some sort of chaotic marking would be a good choice. but then what chaos marking would it be as they are not from one of the 4 major strains and to use one of these symbols seem inappropriate.

then they are still dwarves at heart so some form of dwarven rune also seems like a good choice. but again the arguement against this is that they were cast out and shunned by their former comrades when contact was re-established.

being new again i dont know if they have their own set of runes/alphabet/language. and if so is there anywhere that i can have a look at this?

looking forward to your opinions :cheers

Border Reiver:

Concerning a good symbol for your CDs, there is the good old “Rune of Hashut”, featured in Issue #3 of this sites Word of Hashut webzine. You can also see it on the shield of the guy in my avatar.

As for the Chaos Dwarf writing system - we don’t know for certain what they use, as with the exception of the Hashut Rune we see zero examples of CD writing in the fluff. Personally, I use Dwarf Runes for two reasons:

a. they are angular and easy to paint;

b. Chaos Dwarfs, are probably as conservative as their cousins and would not have stopped using runes unless there was a much better system for them to use and it was impractical to continue to use runes. Dwarfs don’t change unless they absolutely have to, and this probably extended to their eastern cousins.


here you go, some chaos dwarf symbols:

Pyro Stick:

Rune of Hashut

I use it all the time on my models:

Kera foehunter:

the only one i know is a P that they brand on the pirates


awsum thanks guys. it does seem a shame that we only have one symbol that is definatly for them tho.

i think i may have to go the same way as border reiver and use some dwarven symbols aswell as the almighty rune for my armies if i want something on them. thanks again :slight_smile:


You can always use the Chaos Star too, it appears on the Hellcannon after all.


Making the rune a tattoo would also be very cool… intricate tattoos involving several runs of hashut. It’s beyond my skill, but if you can do it… it should look great. Make it look glowing if you can.


I could post the banners from the 5th ed armybook here but I don’t know if that’s legal…

Pyro Stick:

I could post the banners from the 5th ed armybook here but I don't know if that's  legal...

They are already in the wiki:



wow. i really need to investigate the wiki a lot more. and i really like the tattoo idea swiss. that would look awsum. unfortunatly my skills are kinda rusty at the moment. but i dare say if i start practising on it i could come up with something.

do you reckon they would put runes on machines? obviously not ones that work like the dwarfs but runes that are a blessing with no impact on gameplay?