[Archive] Chaos Squats Army Blog


I wanted to introduce my new blog devoted to my Chaos Squats army, set

up as renegade Imperial Guard.

My goal is to show pictures of all of the Citadel and Iron Claw Squats

by using my painted and converted troopers as examples. I am about half

way through painting & converting the range now. I will also be

including converted WFB Chaos Dwarfs and Dwarfs, as well as Chaos-Mutated IG tanks and transports.

I’ve done 20 entries already, on my HQ, Special Characters, Storm

Troopers, and Veterans, and most of one Infantry Platoon. So there’s a bunch of Chaos Dwarf goodness to enjoy.

A lot of the content focuses on how to use bits from a variety of ranges

and time periods create a more dynamic, modern, and varied look with

minis from the Squats line, with their older design style and finite

range of models.

I also discuss the history and artistic design of the Squats miniatures,

published paintings and drawings, and army lists, with some (hopefully

interesting) thoughts about the introduction and development of the

Squats line and why it was discontinued.



Sounds like a great idea, i have had a look at the blog and the models look really good, so keep up the good work :slight_smile: