[Archive] Chaos Supplement - Dawi Zharr [AoS]

Thommy H:

Starting a new thread for this because it’s not really an update of anything I’ve done before, but rather a totally new document, though the genesis of it is very much my previous effort, The Legion of Zharr.

This isn’t a full battletome - the photographic resources to do that just don’t exist - but all of the rules sections match what you’d find in a modern one. It’s missing the Path to Glory rules (because who even uses those?) and any battleplans, but you do get:

  • Battle Traits

  • Command Traits

  • Artefacts of Power (three lists of them!)

  • Lores of Magic (two!)

  • A faction scenery warscroll (“Grimstone Earthworks”)

  • Four sets of Temple-City sub-faction rules

  • 11 warscroll battalions

  • Warscrolls for 31 different units

  • 3 Endless Spell warscrolls

So, if you’re playing Age of Sigmar, take a look!

Chaos Supplement - Dawi Zharr


At a scroll-through, the layout and imagery look great, and the glimpsed words are most evocative. Neat map, too. Will have to read it for inspiration later.

Sticking this thread and unsticking Legion of Zharr. Great work as always Thommy! :slight_smile:


Wow Tommy! Amazing work once again… You are like Santa, pops in once a year and bring a shit load of stuff. :cheers :hat off


A great read! Very well crafted. :hat off