[Archive] chaos warrior to chaos dwarf


here are some pics of how I made cd warriors from chaos warriors
I will use these as regular cds or as ironbreakers when used in a ‘dwarf’ army

this one shows how I cut the front body the thigh plates make good lower armour. I trimmed the feet to size, along with the cape at the back. I also removed a portion that was the belt

this is the assembled figure he stands slightly taller than a normal cd, but the overall height is lower than a tall hat version

the finished article- looks quite mean I think

Pyro Stick:

They look so awesome. You might need to refine your technique of hacking the chaos warriors to bits though so that they fit better. Good job anyway.

Ghrask Dragh:

:cheers��Great stuff!

as was said, a little more practice cutting them up and these will be excellent!

shield looks very cool indeed!

can’t wait to see a unit of them

:hat off

Kera foehunter:

Well i like them curlybeard.i might have to steal that idea.


nice work, i have around 3 box sets of the chaos warriors sat around and didnt know wha to do with them i might try some out too . one thing that cuts sweet is a hot knife, heat it up to red hot over a gas stove it glides through like butter. the new citadel modelling kit is pretty sweet too

Pyro Stick:

the new citadel modelling kit is pretty sweet too

Its also a fair rip off IMO just like their masters paintbrush set.

Do these rank up well?


very nice,… also looks pretty time efficient :slight_smile: but… but… but, are they on a 20mm base now??

good job


good luck ranking them up…


- Kyte

Kera foehunter:

Well if they are on a 45 degree angle. They should look cool as there could over lap shields��or elavate them so ther at diffrent hights


Great idea. I wonder the same as Pyro as well, how well do these guys rank up. I think you might have to stagger these guys (one on the front of the base, if possible, one towards the rear, etc…) might not be able to do so however…

Kera foehunter:

Well im going to try. This at least it will get me working on chaos dwarfs faces. Since i have afew of these chaos guys


great work. but IMO the helmet doesnt really look like it would fit on a ddwarf head. so i avoid that as i build my dwarves


whooo-eee-i just found my blorc immortals!


on second thought, its not such a bad idea. just 1 question . . . how do they do as they rank up? that might be a problem.


You my friend are a genius!! I am going to un-ashamedly pinch this idea to make a unique character for my army!!

Kera foehunter:

i was thinking the same malificant


Well, thats my Immortals sorted, thanks very much for a very cool idea


As the others have noted, Ranking all the lads togeather might prove a problem. The only advice I could give you is regarding the head.

You should just scrap the idea of recycling the old Chaos Warrior heads on Dwarf models unless you’re prepaired to shorten it and turning it into a mask via lots o’ cutting, or some form ov vast conversionism…

I tried to use an un converted head on my boys and gave up on it as I never felt quite comfortable with the head size and the way the beard didnt seem to flow naturally from under the visor.

I love the beard however… Your Zig-Zag pattern Foo is strong.


For models that don’t rank up well, it’s best to use regimental bases. And I think the helmets look cool (though I would because that’s what I use!!)

Kera foehunter:

IT look like if you reshape the cape it should work great.