[Archive] Chaos Warriors 3500 pts for 8th


Ok, I’m playing my first 8th edition game on Thursday. I thought I would start with something simple so I’ve opted to use Warriors of Chaos, but I thought I would try to get a few opinions on my army list first.

Lord. Mk of Slaanesh, Barded Steed, Crown of Command, Talisman of Endurance, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Shield

Sorcerer- Lv2 Fire, Feedback Scroll

Sorcerer - Lv 2 Death, Barded Steed, Charmed Shield, Luckstone, Dispell Scroll

Sorcerer  -Lv 2 Fire, Infernal Puppet

Hero - Mk of Khorne, Collar of Khorne, Favour of the Gods, Shield

Hero - BSB, Mk of Tzeentch,Ironcurse Icon, Obsidian Trinket, Shield

36x Marauders, Full Command, Flails, Mk of Khorne

6x Horsemen, Flails, Musician, Mk of Khorne

25x Warriors, Full Command, Mk of Tzeentch, HW and Shields, Rapterous Standerd (BSB Here)

23 x Warriors, Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Extra Hand Weapons, Blasted Standard (Khorne Hero Here)

15x Warriors, Full Command, Mk of Slaanesh, Great Weapons (Lord Here)

6x Knights, Full Command, Mk of Nurgle, Banner of Rage (Mounted Wizard Here)


Shaggoth, Gt Weapon

It comes to 3500pts exactly. I’ve aimed at trying to get a mix of hard hitting but resilient units (especially the two big warrior units in combination with their Heroes) and would appreciate any advice you offer (unless it’s join Chamber of the Everchosen - I like it here). I would prefer to keep the Lord model, Shaggoth and Warshine, as they are all newly painted. I’ll be playing Skaven. Thanks in advance for your help.:hat off


You only have 8 deployments which means you will be totally out-deployed. He’ll still be putting down slaves while you’re putting down your last unit! I also don’t see you having a BSB which I think is a huge mistake.

Large units are great but not against Skaven - the kings of template dropping. You can also expect to face at least one Abomination and at least one Furnace/Bell. How will you deal with those?


The second of the two Heroes is the BSB. I’m not too worried about the Bell/Furnace. I’d be fairly happy to grind it out with one of my warrior units against them. I would expect to kill them faster than they can kill me (might be mistaken here).

As far as the big units go, it seems that infantry will be the best units in 8th, so I’m not really sure what else I can do other than try to take the hits as best I can. The Khorne warriors have a 4+ armour save, 5+ ward save against missiles and a 5+ magic resistance ward, and the Tzeentch warriors have a 3+ armour save, 5+ ward against war machines and a 5+ magic resistance ward.
The other units will have to hope for the best. I did have another unit of horsemen, but I dropped them to beef up the knights, plus I couldn’t really envisage much of a role for them. I think I’ll have to accept that I can’t really hope to out deploy him.

I could take more knights, but I’m worried they might go down quickly to jezzails/doomwheel.

As for the Abomination, if he takes one, I think I will have to go the concerted magical attack route. In our last game I took a Lord especially tooled up to kill it, and it worked (dead in my first turn), so maybe I could try that again although he may have planned for it this time.


If, anyone is interested, I won big time. It seems Chaos Warriors really do rock in 8th edition. Especially if they are in a building, and that building happens to be the objective for the game…