[Archive] Chaos Warriors as slaves?


I’m thinking about warriors of chaos in being used as slaves for my army, usage statistics of slaves default or use the statistics of the warriors?

You would think that would look good or weird?



In what capacity? In what list?

I’d say Warriors of Chaos wouldn’t make for good slaves for the same reason Black Orcs turned out to be bad.

Da Crusha:

if you used the stats of the warriors you wouldnt be using a legal army. also, I dont think warriors of chaos would ever be slaves to chaos dwarfs.


A regiment with full command would be at 12 Warriors 10 at most.

My list is not very specific, but basically I have 10 warriors WH and shield, two units of 10 dwarves with great weapons, 10 black orcs, stormcallers 10, 20 Hobgoblins with bow and arrow, 20 hobgoblins with HW and shield and 10 sneaky Gits (all those with full command), a Zhatan, a Astragorth, a Sorcerer with Lore of Death, a Sorcerer with Lore of Fire, a Daemonsmith, a Rocket launcher, an Earthshaker / daemon and an Iron Mortar Gobbos.

What do you think?


:hat off


Chaos warriors could be slave as the capacity of humans being slaves, After all Warriors of are human, but again a chaos dwarf would take that armour melt in down for something useful and break the warrior till he did what they wanted or be put down.

So the end product would be a broken shell of a mortal not a chaos warrior.

Other idea. would be having Mortal that worship Hashut, I don’t see why you couldn’t of chaos warriors worshipping Hashut

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I can’t see Chaos Warriors as slaves. A Chaos Warrior would probably rather die than face such a humiliation under the eyes of his Gods.


I’d have to agree fluffwise with Ishkur. I don’t think there is much they could do to break the will of the chaos warriors. Nothing that would leave them as useful slaves afterwards anyway… :slight_smile:

Are you using a White Dwarf Presents: CD list? In 8th ed?

If so, just count them as a second unit of black orcs.


Chaos warriors are supposed to be the greatest warriors in warhammer. I dont really see them being slaves IMHO.

Thommy H:

You’d be better off using them as allies, surely? Your use of the term “Stormcallers” suggested you might be using my book though - in which case, while I can definitely see Marauders being an option for modelling Slave Brutes, Chaos Warriors would sit on the far side of WYSIWYG!


It seems reasonable that Chaos Dwarfs would hire Chaos Warriors as mercenaries, but as slaves they are far too heavily armoured and would be very prone to revolt. Marauders would probably fit in as slaves okay though, even with HG rules.


It would be cool I think, I’d imagine that a CD sorcerer manage to enslave the daemons that possess some warriors, much like the k’daai.


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