[Archive] Charging with the Taur'ruk


I was in a game on the weekend and I said “I declare a charge with my Taur’ruk onto that Troll”.

As he was in the middle of other Bull Centaurs my opponent dissalowed it on two points:

1. He could not wheel out of the unit

2. His line of sight did not allow the charge

This is the first time I have come across this as I just expected the unit to have LoS and I never factored that a wheel would matter - effectively making him move in a straight line to charge (just like the Iron Demon).

So have any other people had this issue?

Am I relegated to placing the Taur’ruk on the outside/inside edge of a unit for him to use this tactic - and hope I get a correct placement at the start of the game?

Also if the unit can see the enemy, is the Taur’ruk still limited to his own LoS? (I can understand this one if it is the case)

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It depends on placement but I don’t see how a model can wheel until it has cleared his own unit. Once clear, it would get its one wheel just as normal. And I agree the character would need line of sight to charge out.


So anyone else on this one?

Does a Taur’ruk really have to wheel for the charge?

If the above is true, how does a 20mm base wheel to charge out of a unit when at the angle?


It’s just like Grimbold says. You cannot wheel while still in the unit, but otherwise it’s a charge like any other.

You will have to move straight forwards till you have enough space to wheel (or further), then wheel up to 90 degrees, and move straight forwards to get into contact with your enemy.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

If it is a charge straight ahead you don’t have to wheel. Perhaps we’re not understanding what you’re trying to describe. Maybe a picture?


Ah! OK.

I always took the ‘wheel’ to be at the start of the charge yet I see it does not have that as a prerequisite.

Nice. So as long as the Taur’ruk has LoS and can make the distance via shortest route (corner to end/corner) he moves out, does his/her 90 degrees and goes in for the headbut - lovely.

Thanks all  :)