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Hi all, this may take a bit of explaining so bare with me.

Every year I raise money in memory of my good friend �?oLittle�?� Jeff Rowe by arranging a charity gig along with a raffle and auction. The proceeds of this are then donated to Radio Lollipop �?" a charity Jeff was a keen supporter of.

What does this have to do with us? Well I was discussing other ways to raise money and someone suggested I do a �?oStorm Wardens�?�.

Basically what I would like to do is ask for anyone out there to paint a space marine and send it to me. I think most of us have a spare marine lying round somewhere. The donated marines would then form an army which would be auctioned off on eBay and the proceeds donated to Radio Lollipop. Brilliant eh?

Progress and donations could then be shown on this thread and of course a link to the final auction and hopefully end with confirmation from the charity of receipt of our donation.

I was thinking Ultramarines are probably easiest and most recognisable/sellable unless anyone has a better idea?

What do you think? Would any of you be interested in participating? You do not need to be a �?oPro�?� painter, standard table top quality is fine. Please help me to use our hobby to help a very good cause close to my heart.



I will do it. Little Jeff was a really sound guy.



I’ll have a look for a spare marine.

Hashut’s Blessing:

When you said paint a Space Marine, I didn’t really in a cohesive form. Night be cool to have it as “any sensible colour scheme, with the bases painted X and a smattering of Y glued on. Also, the left shoulder pad must be colour Z…” or something?

Regardless, I’ll do this if you remind me!

Make sure to advertise the eBay lot everywhere ya can!



First of all, I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic idea, and anything that raises money for charity is good in my book. But (and there’s always a but), I think it could be done better. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m only trying to help!!! here is a few suggestions that may help you to be more successful.

Vulturebay cares not for charity, trust me, I sold a £450 pushchair and pledged 100% of the proceeds to the NSPCC (for the non-brits that’s the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), I got £27. Rubbish. No-one will pay a great deal of money for an army they can’t or wont want to use. in it’s current format, you are likely to get an army consisting of hundreds of tactical marines - probably without any heavy/special weapons and certainly not a coherent army, as has already been suggested by HB.

Now, when my son’s school has a charity party of some sort, they produce a list of food and parents write their name next to which food they will bring in - kind of like a wedding gift list: so you would IMO be better producing a 1500pt army list and CDO members could say “I will send you the marine with missile launcher” or "I will donate a rhino/dreadnaught/land raider!! (you never know). Secondly, you really would have to nail down specifics, IE, we are painting a 1500pt army, the second company of ultramarines (metallic gold trim) - bases should be painted scorched brown, heavy drybrush of sulphur-desert yellow and a final light drybrush of bleached bone and static grass flock, with the outer ring painted graveyard earth (Just an example but you know what I mean). At least then it would look like an army and “1500 pts Ultramarine army” would fetch a lot more money on vulturebay than “127 randomly painted tactical marines”!!

Hope this helps and good luck with your noble quest!


Thanks for the advice Hammerhand, what does everyone else think?

If enough of us are up for this and we get the ball rolling I was then planning to involve other sites I frequent such as Warseer or The Warhammer Forum. I thought I’d start with the mighty CDO though as this place always comes across as the more caring/friendly forum I visit. Then if it falls flat here I know not to involve anyone else.

I think Hammerhand talks sense here though.


We could donate directly to you items perhaps?, and you and some local friends could paint them all the same (assumption there) :wink:

-Also would eBay be a better place to sell and pledge the proceeds?
things tend to sell fairly or over value on there for GW stuff (generally)


We could donate directly to you items perhaps?, and you and some local friends could paint them all the same (assumption there) ;)

noooo... im his only mate and i dont want to spend what little spare time i have painting half an ultramarine army... even if i do agree with the cause!


I have a spare black reach captain i will donate.
we should start at the top and work down the force chart!


Fair enough.
I think i have a tec marine somewhere.

might i suggest picking a ‘standard pattern’ and chapter number etc…

like for example:-

Chapter 3.


looks like a plan.

Nitro, can you list what basic colours should be used?


don’t use standard colours from gw, but i use:-

UM blue

Boltgun silver

mithril silver




(don’t usually paint anything 40k sorry)


horrible timing, I just literally two weeks ago gave my three companies of ultramarines to my neighbours kids, as I was sick of 40k. Still I will have odds and ends laying around. I agree though, that making a cohesive list and hvaing people check off items is the best way to go.


I’m pretty sure I can dig out a crappy SMs - but ‘Ultramarines’ :sick - you are really pushing it :smiley:

But if it’s for charity- I’ll man myself up and paint a stinky blue marine.

I like Hammerhand’s plan - so please do a army list, so we can put our names one them.

Did we go for the scorched brown base? - and shouldn’t we paint our user names one them as well?

And deadline - when do you want us to finish this?

Pyro Stick:

I dont know if i have any space marines lying around (ive never bought any but everyone seems to have at least one lol) but if i find one ill paint it up for this. I think painting our user names on the bases is a cool idea.


I think painting our user names on the bases is a cool idea.

Pyro Stick
If the purpose is to get money for charity then putting lots of weird names on the bases might not exactly be a way to make it sell better.


Why not? This ‘force’ will look uneven manly because of different paints and skills/styles. It will be pretty obvious that this ‘pro painted’ hasn’t been painted by a single person. And I’m pretty sure, that to help raise money it will benefit telling, how this army was put together - so I see no problems painting ‘weird’ names on the bases.

But then again - im a totally charity newbie - I usually ‘just’ pay, when people ring my door bell - no questions asked.