[Archive] Cheap Forgeworld fakes


Curious if anyone has been ripped off buying Chinese Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf stuff on Ebay? Noticed stuff with dodgy casts? Thin see through plastic? Slightly off colour? Comes without bags?  

Anyone bought from those sites? It opens up a lot of interesting debates. The whole FW range is available at a fraction of the price, $20 for a Magma Cannon for example. But with a long 4-5 week dispatch time, and often chances of poor resin copies or missing bits, usually no bases etc. You can get a whole 3000pt CD army for about $500. They just recast everything, and sell it cheap because they don’t have to pay for designing and overheads etc

I personally feel it’s right to support Forgeworld and GW as we need them to keep producing stuff, and In no way do I condone or advise anyone to use these Chinese sites. You are harming GW and FW by shopping there and supporting them. I just find it a fascinating situation, and wonder how it will effect the CD’s as they are wholly FW based & kinda expensive? Anyone have any experience with this? Is it a taboo subject? Don’t want to get cdo shut down!  



We cannot use the forum to discuss how users can break GW copy right, buy buying illigal recasts from chineese sourches. Simple as that.

It’s okay of cause to discuss illigal recasts, if one f.ex. is afraid an ebay purchased item is such a thing. We’ve had plenty of threads discussing quality of resin and such.

But users shouldn’t indulge, show how to buy illigal stuff in a thread.


We don’t discuss the cheap illegal copies on here.