[Archive] Cheap Possible Earthshaker


I was making my ebay rounds looking for wheels and I stumbled onto this little store where a guy in Michigan is casting a few resin models and and model accessories. I figured that is was worth sharing. Long story short here is the store:

Blood and Skulls Industry, LLC | eBay Stores

and here is the cannon. Since this link is an auction that will be ending, it might not work for more then a a week or so. It is $9 and will set you back $3 for US shipping, so $12 total. If you want wheels, he makes some nice wheels as well. It is 2" wide, 2.25" tall, and 2.5" long and comes in 3 pieces.


The cannon does have a bit of a steam punk look to it, but I do not think it is so strong as to not be chaos fantasy feeling. I was thinking about doing some work around the barrel and slapping on some wheels to make a second earth shaker. Since I am a two page PDFer, I don’t see a lot of point to taking the doom rocker over a second earth shaker.


Just bought it online, thanks!


Some of the other chaos bits he sells could also work. Some are quite menacing.

This bell: http://cgi.ebay.com/Bell-Damned-Souls-/260580157017?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cabc9a659

If you left the clacker out, would look good as a hellcannon.

There also some boilers and tanks as well, if you’re doing something that big and steam powered looking.

EDIT: This is a different seller, that has some IP questionable items… but these wheels seem pretty worthwhile:



I like it … and bought!

Thanx for the link! :hat off



I bought two! :smiley:

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Tarrakk Blackhand:

That looks awesome! The “Eye” on the top still looks like it’s in the GS stages though.


This is the sellers lucky day… he’s going to come to his ebay and find somethings sold out and wonder why.


Thanks for buying them all, now I got to wait for a new cast… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, nice model enjoy it.


Yes indeed, it is a nice looking canon. I would like to see one with wheels, as I am finding it hard to visualise it with the wheels. Great find, and keep on buying everyone, as this may inspire the modeller/maker to make more models.


I did not get one myself so I am also waiting for another cast. I have tried to contact the seller to encourage him to start casting.


I did not get one myself so I am also waiting for another cast. I have tried to contact the seller to encourage him to start casting.

Yep I mailed him too, he's gonna start casting again. So a new batch should be up by the end of the weekend.


Tom (the guy with the ebay shop) will start casting this weekend and should be able to ship by Tuesday next week so if you want one, keep an eye out for them. You might consider looking at a set of road wheels.

I think the size B or C Tsar Wheels would work well on the model.


EDIT: They are back-up and available again. The artist was soliciting suggestions for additional pieces that the community might be interested in. In the interest of not overwhelming him with requests, are there any suggestion, perhaps a demonic rocket?


Another batch has just arrived on ebay… Picked one up.

And yeah a death rocket would be nice. Or a somesort of multi barreled hellcannon.