[Archive] Cheap, pre-painted wargames terrain

Thommy H:

Funny thing happened to me today: I’m out shopping and I stumble across a high street shop selling pre-painted wargames terrain at pretty reasonable prices. Picked this up for about £12:

The shop in question was named “Pets at Home” for some reason and, weirdly, it was in the same aisle as all the fish food and tanks. Can’t quite figure out why fish enthusiasts would want wargames terrain, but I suppose the good folks at Pets at Home have decided there’s some kind of overlap.

Like I say, it’s a bit weird.


It is very strange for them to be selling “wargames terrain” in a pet store, but not that unusual for something like that to be for sale there for fish tanks.

I’ve seen some great model towers and bridges over the years, but they’re always rediculously expensive compared to building it myself.

Hashut’s Blessing:

GSF: I think you missed the joke. He’s using fish scenery as wargaming terrain :wink:


Obviously the fish are wargaming in order to get ready for the release of the Fishmen army book this October - this is the mystery release!!! Let the amassed forces of Chupayotl rise to the surface, and march on Lustria, and then THE OLD WORLD!! Muahahahhahahhh!!

Da Crusha:

ugh I don’t want to see fishmen in warhammer. but I could see them as my favorite opponent :wink:


I any case its surprising the cool terrain i have found in pet stores, which reminds me i should go back there and have another look around. :slight_smile:


There was a bit of chuckling a while back when GW started selling jungle terrain that was identical to plastic aquarium scenary except the price was 10 times bigger.

Thommy H:

GSF: I think you missed the joke. He's using fish scenery as wargaming terrain ;)

Hashut's Blessing
Yes, that was the joke. For those not used to my curious technique of using words to invoke humour, I'm well aware that I bought a fish tank ornament to use as wargames terrain. We were in a pet shop buying stuff for our new fish (which died tonight anyway :( ) and I saw a bunch of things that were not only made of durable resin, but also painted to a pretty decent standard. £12 for a ruin like that, fully painted and ready to go, is pretty good value.

Also, check out some of this other stuff:

Can't you imagine seeing that in the midst of the Dark Lands? You can pick that up for about £17 - it's 10" tall, so would make an ideal centrepiece or objective.  

Nice little stone bridge for your river.

I really liked this as well, but it just doesn't go with any of my armies. Maybe for Lizardmen players?

Just thought I'd share anyway...


Hashut’s Blessing:

Some pretty cool stuff, especially the Skull Stump :smiley:

Condolences for the fish (how typical of its timing too, lol).

Thommy H:

Yeah, would have been a bit easier to take if he’d done it before we forked out on about £20’s worth of stuff for him. Still, he was won from a fairground stall, so we should have expected it really. Still sad though - we were growing quite attached to little Derek :frowning:

Hashut’s Blessing:

A Derek mkII in the works? :smiley:

The website, annoyingly, doesn’t allow you to order them (I don’t think)…

Thommy H:

No, try google or eBay.


Pet shops are great (and even the Boys weren’t that bad). I bought what GW would have called modelling sand at one and it was literally dirt cheap. For the price of 1 bag (it used to come in bags) of GW’s modelling sand I could have bought more gravel than I could have carried out of the store.


You will also find other Greek/Roman temples in those shops plus SciFi plants ;).

Another unexpected source for Fantasy terrain is Gormiti sets:

I closed all holes of this one and painted it with stone clolour and some gold:

Others are a tainted hill:

and a Chaos tree:

And these make cheap large mountains, if you paint them a bit: