[Archive] CHEAP rotary tool at Canadian Tire


Saw this - thought some fellow canadians might be interested:


helluva deal!


That is a nice deal, I wish I needed one. :slight_smile: I have a 15 year old Dremel that is actually very close to this, but doesn’t have an externally replaceable motor. This one comes with a flex shaft as well, if you like using a rotary tool like a pencil. The Dremel is my most used modelling tool - I really couldn’t do without it. Thanks for letting us know.


It’s a really inexpensive tool - especially with the flex shaft, and all the accessories. I’m almost tempted to buy one as a christmas gift for someone!

EDIT: I’m waiting for a heat gun to go on sale - sometimes, they get down to $10!


I shall check this out tomorrow!


It's a really inexpensive tool - especially with the flex shaft, and all the accessories.....

- have such a dirty mind

I got one that is nearly the same as that from a car boot about a year ago that cost me all of £5. That was a lucky find.


This might even be a better deal: