[Archive] checking in on CDO


hi!, i havent posted here in a while, so i thought i’ll check in and se how everyones doing!, im not sure you remember me but i hope you do :P, and i want to say hello to all new members!

so i have an idea… does anyone know what Dwarf fortress is? :cheers


Hi jolpis long time no see, how have you been well i hope :slight_smile: ? I dont know what dwarf fortress is ? please explain :slight_smile:


Welcome back dude!

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dwarf fortress is a super advanced strategy/survival game where theres no goal, cept mayby conquering the world :P.

first you randomly generate a world, and then you pick a site where you want your fortress, and you’ll start out with a caravan of 7 dwarfs and a couple of supplies.

and thats about it, what you want to do next is upp to you…

the great thing about it is the complexity of the game, Its a RP dream!

so i looked around and i found tons of “lets play dwarf fortress” and i thought hey!, lets start an evil fortress on CDO

the most famous “lets play” is called boatmurdered wich ended in mandness, for everyone. :P, so what do you think?

heres the link to Boatmurdered http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Boatmurdered/intro.html i’ll be using a tileset so everything will look a lot better :stuck_out_tongue:


the big question is: do you want to play succession (playing a year each) or me as player (im aweful :P) and you’ll tell me what to do?


Sounds like a laugh to me :slight_smile: