[Archive] Chico's Trade Thread



Right below is my Haves/Wants, if interested PM/post here. Dew to Family commitments items will be posted on the 13th.



Space Marine Vindcator - Base Coated Red

Predator - Painted Flesh Tearers - Need Repair Job

Teminator Lib - Painted Flesh Tearers - Finecast

Seth - Painted - Metal will need repainting

10 Metal Scouts, 1 Heavy Bolter/8Snipers/Serg - Painted Flesh Tearers

Many spare Marine Bits and Peices on sprues (Ask and i may have)

15 Necron Deathmark Heads - Unpainted


Opened Black Orc Blister - No bases and 6th ed.

Borgut Facebeater - Painted

Orc Shaman - Unpainted

Various Goblins in various states of repair (Mostly Night goblin related inc fanatics/herders/trolls)

5 Rat Ogres (2 IoB) - Unpainted

24 Storm Vermin 4/5th Ed, 2 sets of FC. - Painted



Genestealer Hybrids (Metal only please)

Genestealer Magus

Genestealer Patriarch

RT/2nd Ork Arms/Weapons


4/5th Ed Hobgoblin Wolf Riders (No Wolf needed)

Whirlwind/Tenderiser parts, The bits i need are the Boar Centaur and the Chassis frame with wheels preferred

3rd Ed Chaos Dwarfs

Norse Dwarfs