[Archive] Chirstmas Gifts what did you get

Kera foehunter:

so what are some of the cool stuff you got

for chirstmass


Not much, just 2 t-shirts, a gift voucher for a massage place and an NFL ball. Cash too. :slight_smile:


A Wii! well my daughter did… :wink:


I got a box of Executioners, a box of Plaguebearers, lots of candy, plus money.


Nothiing, its not even 10am yet!! Sheesh!! Might get back to you later.

Kera foehunter:

well me and my first mate exchange gifts !!


red is my favorite color to!!! a flannel night shirt

and a fresh water pearl on a silver ring !! and it fits

but waiting untill my parent get back sunday to do the faimly chirstmas


No pressies untill tomorrow but I did get a Chaos Spearhead for my wedding, how cool is that!

It was explained as follows: ‘‘For Tim and Karin, it will keep Tim busy and therefor Karin will have some time for herself!’’ :stuck_out_tongue:


The Wii is pimp, its kicks you know what.


MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Black Reach and a grand total of $275!!!



I got four movies(one of them being “The Dark Knight”), Prince of Persia, three books, munchies, a pad for my laptop, and a duck tape wallet.


I now have Best Buy, Borders gift cards and cash.

Plus a bunch of stuff from trades waiting for me at home.


My 21 year old gave me a lump of coal. I might light it up and drop it down his shorts.

Kera foehunter:

well im going to send my money today !! See if my gw hobby store has any bargains


Pyjamas and a pair of “comfy pants”.

No “hard gifts” since I didn’t actually specifically ask for anything hobby related.

I found there isn’t anything I really really wanted GW-ways out for Christmas.

I’m waiting for Waaagh-uary and eagerly waiting for the pound-euro parity hit 1:1 or better. Then I’m going on a Forgeworld shopping binge of Apocalyptic proportions (pun intended).


My brother, we thought was joking, when he told my parents he, his wife, and kid were spending Christmas in Dubai.

Turns out he wasn’t joking, he sent photographic evidence today. Seeing the reaction of my parents was priceless.


DIY book, book on identifying birds, a load of festive beer, gift vouchers for Home Depot, and some for the local brew shop. Should be more to come, probably lumped in with my birthday presents since I was born a couple of weeks after xmas.


I got a new belt, a hell lot of clothes, a new bag and a memory stick for my cellphone… Those jolly days when i got warhammer has passed…

@Cryonicleech: Not so grand when i smash yer face and take it to sponsor my holy crusade, eh?


@Filipicusius: Oi! Wats Dis 'Oly Kroozade? 'nd 'O said Dat itz graand? I’z gonna launch a Waagh! at ya, so’z u betta watch out 'umie!


Yesterday a deluxe pokerset, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and a sweater.

Cool in my book! :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I got a laptop tray, some clothes (groans), Left 4 Dead, large quantities of food (oh yeah!), the Dwarf Lord of Chaos miniature and, when we go to Lakeside this week, I’ll be getting a nice new, camcorder!