[Archive] Chirstmas what did you get

Kera foehunter:

Well i"ll start  …
I got one of these Old fashion  walnut crackers
from  Brian :hat off


Hi Kera!

Good that you are back - I missed you a lot! :hat off

Concerning your question … nothing! :frowning: Only the children got many presents! :wink:

I donated myself Zonk’s awesome AssCannon! :cheers

PS Who’s Brian???


Pyro Stick:

Well i"ll start ..
I got one of these Old fashion walnut crackers
from Brian :hat off

Kera foehunter

Theres another thread like this already but i dont blame you for not seeing it because the title doesnt really tell you much:



well, my gf had planned to get me scibor’s lord on taurus; but since it would take forever to get here, in turkey, especially during the xmas rush, i ended up with get a new, shiny camera. not bad in my books, to be able to take better pictures of my awesome stuff, heh… also, it was she who bought me mantic’s abyssal dwarfs army box, so, can’t ask for more, right?

have a nice year btw…


I got the most awesome slippers ever!

also the Tamurkhan book


Kera foehunter
Sooo... you are married now?

Kera foehunter:

Well First Brian is the guy i been seeing for the last few year

you might of heard of me say first mate Brian in the old days

the time we spent together has brought Balance to my force

so this year Yes I’m going to get married 5/5/12

** Kera cuts her heart out and places it in a box and cast the box over the deep brine sea**

Now I’m complete a heartless woman Let the suffering begin

< insert evil laugh>

Now all you old married men know the rite of woman hood

as much as you feared it you where right all along



Ball and chain is more appropriate then Brian knows then!



Hi All,

Hope you all had a great holiday. Haven’t spent my gifts yet, but did get Sons of Anarchy DVD and to top it all off - my eldest son is back in the country for the first time since 1999 and we spent Chrissie/New Years as a family. We may be living half a country apart - but at least it is now the same country.


…I’m too embarassed to list everything I got… what’s important: I got Tamurakhan: Thrones of Chaos and a 10 pound double headed battle axe (battle ready and sharpened, no joke).


no warhammer stuff what-so-ever. except the 21 1980’s hobgoblins that haven’t arrived yet. A Dalek t-shirt, a Sharpe series book, “Spicks and Specks DVD” and a new camera are the highlights. And I haven’t had any time to date to play with it much


The Tamurkhan Book, it made me join this crowd. And from the money i ordered a hellcannon and a hellsmith to have a start here.

Before i spend the rest i would like to see what happens in Veshnakars sales thread, he seems to need the money urgently.


I got some Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard with Fireglaves, Infernal Command, OOP Chaos Dwarf warriors (20), and money to donate to the building of Zharr Naggrund! :slight_smile:



18 LotR Dwarves (mostly Khazad), 51 Mordor Orcs, and 6 Nazgul


My siblings who practically knew I was into some heavy magic stuff gave me a pair of supposedly Houdini handcuffs. The thought of it just got me so excited. Though there were no accompanying paperwork to prove its authenticity, the proper material, form and age would determine how it should keep up. And judging from the evidences presented, I would likely judge that it would be authentic.