[Archive] Choas dwarfs with 2h weapon

hat fanatic:

well i was looking through eBay (as usual) and i came across these chaos dwarfs that are being sold by warhammer crazy that have big 2handed weapons there are 2 different ones of them could anyone tell me what models they are and if citadel made them and if they have a purpose in the chaos dwarf army.?

1# http://tinyurl.com/yoz3bc

2# http://tinyurl.com/27blry

i just figured out how to use tiny url :slight_smile:


there the rare warhammer quest mini’s i think

i might have to bid on these


Yes these were meant to be part of a chaos dwarf supplement for warhammer queste - but never released.

We have discussed these a few times before - if you are interested - you could have a look at these threads:




hat fanatic:

ahh thanks that cleared things up. now you made me want some for my front rank they do look awesome.


Never heard the Warhammer Quest thing about them. They were available from GW mail order for a few years but never had a big release

Pyro Stick:

I think warhammer crazy must of won the massive auction that had about 7 of these in it. He bid it up to �80. I might just have to go for one.


They are very nice models, the best big hats going IMO