[Archive] Christmas Extravaganza

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I’ve put this here because it’s an idea. Unfortunately, without a job, it’s not going to happen for a VERY long time and requires help from all of you members.

As some of you may have read (in multiple posts lol) in the “What did you get for Christmas?” thread, I received a camcorder for Christmas. Now, I was considering a really cool, video edition of a podcast where I basically travel Canada and America, visiting members to do mini interviews/games/visit and stuff.

Now, there are two big problems here:

1. Cost. Even if I CAN get a job soon, I will need to save up several thousand pounds, but I will obviously work out the cheapest option. This is mostly for flights because of the second point.

2. Generosity. This one I hate because I find it rude to invite myself to other peoples’ houses, but it would be a big part of the whole journey and if possible, to reduce costs and make it more likely to happen, stay at the members’ homes.

Now, if you’re still reading, whether you’re considering participating or not, you must surely be intrigued. Well, I get the impression that it’ll be best to start off with small numbers, so I can afford to actually do this and to make logistics simpler, as well as preventing me forcing myself upon too many members. Now, if you’re interested to SEE this, post here (donations welcome, lol. J/k.) and if you’re interested to participate, post here AND PM me, please.

If you think this needs to go elsewhere or needs renaming, please make suggestions and pass this to any member that you think hasn’t seen it.


come to Canada! Come visit Xander, Vex and me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: my door is open for you HB.

and remember, right now a GBP = approx 1.75 CDN, so, you can get further on a pound. PLUS Pearson Airport (the “Toronto” airport) is actually in Mississauga and about 15 mins from the three of us, so you can easily fly in and be picked up by one of us :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Awesome. Well, that’s three members sorted :wink:

Thank you, Sojourn. I apologise again for asking to tread on people’s hospitality.

I think this could be quite a reality with two more members and a job. Anyone near Chester that can give me a job? Lol :smiley:

Or, does anyone have ideas for fundraisers?

EDIT: About to look at prices :wink:

EDIT 2: £320 atm. If I eat half as much as the average person (which would kill me lol), I might be able to shave off enough to afford this :wink:


This one I hate because I find it rude to invite myself to other peoples' houses
Like I did when I came to the UK, you mean?:cheers

Anyway, I'm interested in participating (but only if you remove that bloody quote from your sig, HB :P), however, the only thing ruder than to come with one person who invited himself is to come with TWO persons who invited themselves, so I'm not sure about that part... still, I'm just saying, I would find it awesome to come to America/Canada (in due time of course, because I too am a bit short on the moneyz:)), and assist/annoy HB with his project:P

So yeah, count me in, if possible:)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think I invited you, EvilClown :wink:

Anyhow, if you do come, I think it’ll take us a little longer because we’ll probably have to get a hotel or something. It does, however, mean that we’d have enough people to get away with this (I’d imagine). So, EvilClown, now to get the money :smiley:

Anyone got any ideas? Also, if others would like to participate still, PLEASE say so. If we can’t make it to you this time, we shall try to next time (assuming this goes well). Really up and raring for this.