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Kera foehunter:

what do you want in warhammer stuff for Chirstmas

Pirate slayer

chaos dwarf champion

chaos dwarf lord

more green stuff * note not warhammer but i use it on warhammmer stuff*

And last but not least

Girl dwarf slayer from  Mars Ulthors


Terminator Assault Squad.

And maybe a land raider.


but GW releasing a new range of Chaos Dwarfs? :wink:

Dark elf minis, green stuff and brown stuff to start my project of a “cult of Khaine” Dark Elf army… and time to work on it!


Time!!! :slight_smile:

I need time to finish all the minis I own! :cheers



Me too so I’m not trying to get alot. I still have empire, DoW, the occassional dwarf, and daemons. And some dwarfs I plan to try out as CDs. Damn this never ends.

Border Reiver:

I asked for one thing - a WD subscription with the “subscription mini” as a gift from the whole family. The rest of the budget is for her and the kids.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Army cases. LOTS of army cases. So I have some space :smiley:


a new chaos dwarf book, released by gw in december 2009 :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyro Stick:

I havent asked for any warhammer stuff for christmas for years. I cant fool myself into believing that i need more lol. All i want for christmas this year is CD’s (music cd’s).


Space marines so that i can finish my Pre Hersey thousand sons army :slight_smile:


a pony and…

no wait,

guns… possibly the parts to finish off my ring mail. :smiley:


but GW releasing a new range of Chaos Dwarfs? ;)

Dark elf minis, green stuff and brown stuff to start my project of a "cult of Khaine" Dark Elf army...... and time to work on it!

wow i can't wait to see the cult of Khaine

Kera foehunter
I'm sorry but you really have to wait! I'm going to finish my last Chaos Dwarf (and Warhammer) project for 2009 next week (pics will be uploaded), then start to draw and paint Christmas cards, paintings I usually do for my relatives and my little evil buggers (my sister's nephews ;) ) before Christmas. Then (drum roll...) actually finish my Chaos Dwarf army by first 2-3 months of 2010.... have a nice trip to California :D get some brown stuff in USA and then..... finally... start my Temple/Cult of Khaine!
Do you have enough patience? ;)


Don’t think that there will be GW stuff under my Christmas Tree this year. Really, don’t need anything new, but I can come up with some old OOP stuff I would like, though. Some OOP Horrors and/or Furies would be well recieved, but I doubt anyone in my family will find those for me.

If I really should be having some new miniatures, I guess I’ll rather like to see some Hasslefree’s or Heresy Miniatures then GWs.


More frogs



More frogs


Sweet, those are really cool!! :)


Frogs rock! I’m just wonder what army I could proxy… :slight_smile:


Frogs rock! I'm just wonder what army I could proxy...... :)

Lizardmen would be the way to go. :cheers Thining of picking up a few myself now that I see there sheer awesomeness.


a pony and.....

no wait,

guns.... possibly the parts to finish off my ring mail. :-D

Kera has a pony!? I want it.....

I would like Santa's elves to finish my faerie army and maybe get me some harlequins. though I have no time to do anything anyways. *sigh* one can dream....