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I was reminded of some of my past as my daughter relayed a Christmas story to me…

My daughters, both of them, are in Choir(chorus) in High School and Jr. High School. The love to sing, and if I humbly do say so, they have angelic voices.

My oldest  daughter and her specialty group called Freedom of Expression (it’s an invitation only group that is the elite of those in choir each year.) were asked to sing at a convalescent center (old folks home). Of course, being the season of Christmas, they sang many Christmas songs and some other Gospel and Soul songs. During the concert/performance, an elderly lady in the audience, seemed to beem brightly whenever my daughter looked towards her. It made my daughter smile and she’d continue to sing. Each time she looked towards the elderly lady, the lady would smile and sing along with the songs. My daughter said that at certain points, this lady was carried away with the music. (that’s when you know you are good, when the audience is carried away by what you are doing)…

As the concert wrapped up, all the girls and boys thanked the audience and stepped away from the stage to a standing ovation. As my daughter was stepping down from the stage to follow the other kids, that elderly lady touched her arm, and with tears in her eyes, she thanked her for bringing the cheer of the seasons to their community, she said it was the most wonderful thing she had heard in a long time. (I’m glad you can’t hear me talk right now, as I’m all chocked up thinking about it…)  She gave my daughter a big hug and walked back to where the other folks were congregating. My daughter started crying too. And some of her friends noticed and asked if she was ok. My daughter said, “I can’t help it, that lady was so happy and she made me cry…”  

I’m so proud of my daughter for her abilities. Does anyone have any Holiday stories that are touching like this? I can’t think I’m the only one who has had their heart touched during the holidays.

edit: what? too serious for everyone? lol

Kera foehunter:

That is great story 2 heads !!you must be a great dad with girls like that!!

i don’t have many great chirstmass stories

the only one i have are my brother destoying my barbies dolls

and blowing them up with fireworks

Hashut’s Blessing:

THT, I would’ve replied, but A. envy and B. lack of story prevented it.

Kera, if we got you one now, would it still get blowed up or just piratised?