[Archive] Chronopia Dwarves with axes


Hi guys,

I have 20 or so metal Dwarves with axes from a game system called ‘Chronopia’. They are in 2 different poses, and I have glued them into GW 20x20 slotta bases.

They are quite good as Chaos Dwarves, and am looking to sell them.

As a reference, I am a mod on W-E, and have done many trades there. I am located in Australia and primarily am after the following bits, however cash would be cool too:

- New Chaos Warrior Standard arms

- New Chaos Warrior Champion back / Champion Axe arm

- Chaos Marauder Skull Shoulder Pads

- 7th ed plastic Forest Goblin spider riders (riders only)

- 7th ed plastic NG netter arms (with nets)

- Orc Boy command sprue mounted legs

- Heroquest furniture /doors, zombies, Gargoyles, Fimirs, Chaos Sorceror, Heroes

- Old 5th ed unipose Empire Halberdiers

I also have some other Chronopia Dwarves that I will be selling soon…

Give me an offer if you are interested.

Ghrask Dragh:

Chronopia miniatures look pretty cool, what scale are they?


Chronopia miniatures look pretty cool, what scale are they?

Ghrask Dragh
They are 28mm - fit excellently with GW miniatures too...


Come on…


They look like this BTW:

(except only primed)