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Hey All,

Yesterday my Boxer (Beau) passed away…

Now i would like to honor him in a Chaos Dwarf themed mini form,

but i have no idea’s what so ever x.x

If any of you has an idea or sugestion plz let me know…




I feel sorry for your loss. It’s always a terrible time when pets die and the house seems so empty…

Maybe the Mortheim Witchhunter Dogs would be a good base to start your project from…



Sorry for your loss.

You could make/convert a Destroyer honoring Beau.

My own Destroyer looks a little bit like my dog. My dog is a shitzu and my Destroyer is a very hairy bull. There are no specific rules about how a Destroyer should look like.


The Mantic Dwarfs have a very Boxer like dog.


Thnx for the support and the idea’s :smiley:

Just ordered some mantic AD’s for the doggie ^^ and gonna look for a nice statue like figure of a Boxer for a destroyer conversion cause i really like the destroyer idea…




Know how you feel, my tomcat died last saturday. Nice idea with the mini,

will have to think about a panther as destroyer.


Love the idea of a sculpt. if you are not the best sculptor in the world maybe buy a small statue of a boxer, costomise it with a bit of greenstuff and paint him up like your own dog as a unit filler or destroyer.

Oh and my condolences.