[Archive] CITADEL CHAOS DWARF 80S, GUNDABAD TROLL [working pics]


Try this again…

Firstly I am interested in getting paypal. All orders in the United States will have tracking without issue, however for overseas shipping if you want a tracking number it will cost $40.00. If you dont want a tracking number I will cover the shipping cost.

Here is the Gundabad Troll it is like new and is complete. It is partially covered in paint water which will not give issue when you try to prime/paint and the model has some glued areas that can be cleaned off quite easily as well and will not cause issue with reassembly.

For sense of scale this makes for a very good siege giant.

Also here are 11 Citadel Chaos Dwarfs. Some are painted but can be dipped in Acetone if you wish to repaint them.

Questions and offers please PM!


Uhm, all the photo bucket links are broken… :frowning:


Uhm, all the photo bucket links are broken... :(

That sucks, are they broken for anyone else? I will fix/test in morning regardless.


This happened to all of us. During the summer, Photobucket started asking lots of money for third party sharing. You might wanna switch to something like imgur.


Still available, will be willing to clean the models up for a prospective buyer! New siege giants will be playable/cool for the next t9a book!