[Archive] Citadel Paint Equivalent


To my great dismay I have just realised GW don’t sell Bronzed Flesh anymore. Over the years I have used it extensively as the main flesh tone of many armies I collect. I’ve tried mixing paints to try and get it such as Vomit Brown and Bleached Bone/Skull White to no avail. Does anyone know of another paint by another company that would be adequate to replace it? (Humbrol, Tamiya etc…)

Pyro Stick:

These are supposed to be the Vallejo equivalent:



I think i might have 2 tubs of unused Bronzed Flesh. Ill look them out and let you know what i find.


Coat d arms http://www.blackhat.co.uk/coat_darms


The two that I would look at, would be:

Coat D’arms - Tanned Flesh (115)


Vallejo Game Color (VGC) - Bronze Flesh (036)