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Pyro Stick:

So im starting to run out of paint and i refuse to pay extra for Citadel paints when they come in smaller tubs. Im wondering if anyone knows how similar the Vallejo/Coat d’arm colours are to their citadel equivelents? For example these are all supposed to be the same as Bleached Bone: http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=pro&pre=val_hob_mcl_pnt_106_000



But as you can see none of them really look like Bleached Bone. I found the same when i looked up the equivalents for Shining Gold and Bestial Brown as well. They have basically stolen the names so i dont see how the colours can be that different but can anyone tell me for sure what the difference is from experience? I dont want to spend like £10 on paint just to end up with the wrong shades.

Heres the chart i was using to find the equivalents (vallejo only): http://www.miniaturewargaming.com/index.php/mwg/comments/vallejo_citadel_paints_comparison_guide/


Coat d arms WAS the original supplier of games workshops paints they rank up pretty good.


What about Reaper mini’s paints?  I was thinking of giving them a go. Any thoughts? I like their triad system, at least, on paper.


It is hard changing brands of paints. It took me a while to change from my set of Derivan Mini Paints (an Australian made paint range for miniatures), to my now Vallejo range. From my research there is not really an EXACT match between ranges, but a very close comparison. So if you were half way through painting an army, then I would stick to the Citadel range until that army is finished. Otherwise have a look at these links for some expert opinions.

My personal choice is Vallejo Game Colour (VGC) range and Vallejo Model Colour (VMC) range.

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Pyro Stick:

As a test i ordered Beasty Brown from Vallejo. Also ordered black from them since i figured black is black. I would have tested out the bone colours as well but im paintng a bone giant and dont want to have to strip it if it turns out too dark etc.


As a test i ordered Beasty Brown from Vallejo. Also ordered black from them since i figured black is black.

Pyro Stick
With Vallejo paints, you need to really REALLY shake them to get the paint mixed again, as the paint does tend to seperate. I have put an agitator into my Vallejo bottles to help with this process. I am also thinking about making an electronic paint shaker.

Maybe something like this:


Like G2 said switching paints is a tricky thing - and you’ll never find exact matches between ranges. So question is, can you live with that?

If I was to start over, I would probably go for Reaper or Foundry - their colour systems looks so easy working with.

Best paints/colour line is Privateer Press’ P3 - IMO. A limited pallet - like GW, but they do some rather nice colour tones. But I’ll stick to VMC :slight_smile:

- for now :wink:

For colour transition I’ve found this resource: silicon-dragons.com very useful. Have all the major lines and makes it easy to find a equivalent colour in another line.

And speaking of Black … :slight_smile: Black ain’t black - and I think VMC Black sucks - so GW Chaos Black is one of very few GW paints I continuously go back buying (Black an Gun Metal). VMC Black has a bluish/purple light and don’t cover very well, especially when its watered down. Don’t know if VGC Black is the same. But if it is, don’t let it spoil you fun switching over. Black, and a few of the metallics don’t do it for me, but all in all - I’m very happy with Vallejo.

Pyro Stick:

And speaking of Black ... :) Black ain't black - and I think VMC Black sucks - so GW Chaos Black is one of very few GW paints I continuously go back buying (Black an Gun Metal). VMC Black has a bluish/purple light and don't cover very well, especially when its watered down. Don't know if VGC Black is the same. But if it is, don't let it spoil you fun switching over. Black, and a few of the metallics don't do it for me, but all in all - I'm very happy with Vallejo.

Maybe you bought one of the other black colours. They had like 4 or 5 different kinds of black...I mainly use it for patching up an undercoat so if its not a perfect black its no big deal. Thats why i went for the black instead of shining gold for example because its not as important.


VGC Black is usually a very nice, matte black in my experience, but one out of my three bottles has been very glossy instead. That was also the case with the VMC Black I had. Also seen other’s describe similiar experiences with this color.

I suspect that sometimes a batch gets branded VGC, when it’s really VMC black, and this causes the difference.

On the original topic, I’ve been happy with my Vallejo paints for the past several years. Coverage is mostly good, and there’s a good range of them. I’m not so impressed with the Sepia Wash I picked up a while ago, compared to GW. It’s cheaper, but not as good, and it separated (on the mini, leaving an ugly effect once dry) when I thinned it with normal water.


Mine is the VMC 950 Negro/Black - and only use it for shading - but it’s probably also just a matter of taste. I’m probably just got used to GW Chaos Black, and as said it’s hard switching over.

And don’t get me wrong. Rather sure you’ll be please with Vallejo. Generally much better than GW paint’s and a lot more varity choosing from.

Pyro Stick:

Looks like i wont be trying out the black after all. Almost a month after placing my order they tell me that its out of stock (probably cause you took so long to dispatch my order!!!) and instead of asking if i wanted a replacement they just refunded and dispatched the order. Now i need to place another order just for one tub of paint!Thats going to be at least £4 (inc p&p) for one tub of paint. I guess ill think of something else small to get at the same time (from Maelstrom. Never using Wayland again)


And I’ve had just the opposite experience with Maelstrom. Last three orders for paints have all been done from Wayland, and have been incredible reliable. Used to use Maelstrom, but really not pleased with their service any more - and after two fucked up and delayed orders from Maelstrom, sending the wrong paints (Like all there paints was stocked in 6 boxes - one with reds, blues, greens, yellows, browns and others - and they just grab one when the pack them). In a single order for 6 paints - 3 of them were wrong. In the next, just 1, though. So started using Wayland, and they haven’t let me down yet.


I’m actually in much the same conundrum. I’m loosing GW paints fast and furiously to drying. Mostly my fault for not painting for a long time, and the paints are in many cases over 10 years with screw tops.

So now I’m looking at alternate paints to get by a bit cheaper than GW.

Also since I just had my first problem with Maelstorm (got an incorrect box sent to me) ever and it was resolved very satisfactorily I just felt the need to chip in with that to.

Pyro Stick:

Ive only had 2 problems with Maelstrom. One was them sending me the wrong paint like what happened to clam and they quickly sent the right one and the second was ordering a Mega Paintset and it didnt contain all the paints. That wasnt their fault but they sent a full replacement anyway, eventhough i only asked for the one or two paints that were missing (there was doubles of some and none of others). If Wayland had emailed me asking if i wanted to replace the paint with another one i would have been happy but they didnt and they also took almost a month from the order date to get it to me which is ridiculous.