[Archive] Clan Sepsis - the disciples of decay (skaven speedpainted)



before my start with chaos dwarves I returned to warhammer with my skaven army. Sadly it was unpainted except from a few chars and gutter runners.

I began to play with them and some of my fellow players demanded painting progress. So I colored 3000 points in half a year.

I will add some fotos there and once and in this process I will try to do a little bit painting improvement on the various models.

painting quality is not very good but this is also to show that one CAN paint an army in a few months besides job and family :wink: (yes, that`s for you lazy guys who show up with grey plastic armies ;)).




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The latest addition to the army is this plague claw catapult. A really devastating weapon for example for silver helm or cold one breakers.


Don’t like skaven, but that’s a nice piece of paintwork!!


Yup, that’s a nice one. Painting the cables on the stone like wavy rods is a clever move to not make it look idiotic, smart! :slight_smile:


The warp lightning cannon, crew completed today.
(Although the cannon is widely feared in the armies of the old world, my grey seer was rarely successful with it. It was more than once that it exploded in the first turn of battle).


Again…very nicely done!!


And the Horned Rat screamed “paint-paint”!!!

And I painted…


Cool stuff.  Starting with the big ticket items.

Oh, it’s ok if your cannons explode and guns misfire taking out half of your own units. Just as long as you kill more skaven than your enemy did.  Then have your general run off the board and say that was his plan the whole time.

You didn’t beat me, I beat me :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice. Well painted models are always good to see.

even if they are one of the hated enemies.

I think you warp lightning cannon must be related to my dreadquake with that success rate.


At the weekend I was at a really small tournament 8th edition ETC rules. The organizer asked me not to play chaos dwarfs because there was a chaos dwarf and two dwarf players already registered, so I played skaven with a screaming bell and an arry of the usual skaven toys :-). I went for 3rd of 6 players, which was ok.

edit: The Chaos Dwarfs which were a fully converted from normal dwarfs, night goblins, a slaughterbrute for a destroyer and a maulerfiend for a hellcannon placed 5th. The army was painted in a nice blue color scheme with beautiful bases. A really good conversion of a empire steam tank was used as destroyer. I`ll see to get some pics of the army.

A pic of a warlord which was painted earlier this year (the metal on the shoulder is cleaned in the meantime).

Queek Headtaker


9th Age seems very promising to me. As a major update for the “Infernal Dwarfs” is expected I try to update my other main army in the meantime: Vermin Swarm.

Army composition will change in a lot of aspects. Weapon teams will be more attractive. I prepared my Jezzails for painting and a classic Warplightning Cannon (they are weaker now, but due to the fact that there seem to be no comp systems necessary you can combine a lot of things).

Today I speedpainted 4 swarms (don`t really like the “models”) and 3 Noxious Mortars:


Nice! Almost makes me wanna start a Skaven army… Bad for the wallet


:slight_smile: Compared to chaos dwarfs Skaven are a really cheap army moneywise as well as pointswise ;).


Solid paintjobs on that latest batch, especially if done on the quick. Neat Skaven army and colour shceme.

Fuggit Khan:

Beautiful colors…honestly I’ve always been rather indifferent for Skaven (I like the models, but not their fluff), but seeing your models makes me like them. Very nice!

And how are you painting the warpstone? It’s a cool effect :hat off


Skaven were my first army and I like the intrigues and the horror Feeling that are associated with them.

If I did the army again it would probably be a lot better than 2 years ago. I try to rework some of the units or replace them in the future.

The mortar munition are glas globes filled with poisoned gas. I used GW colors; Caliban green, warpstone glow and a third bright green (have to look the Name up). I bring the colors in layers thin on the Caliban green and then water them gently down until they have the consistency I like. When the colors were dry the globes were washed with Biel-Tan Green and (!) most important finished with glossy varnish by brush (ard coat). <br>Im satisfied with the effect and the globes are the eye catcher on the models.

Soon Ill get some Globadiers and Ill do their globes in the same way.


The disciples of decay speed for 9th age!!!

And they are led by their warlord, riding on a wave of rats…

Fire from far far away…