[Archive] Clarifications on K'daai


Ahoy all.

was playing a match and came across these questions

1: Unstable: Is the K’daai testing on demonic instability? It does say “fire bound demon” and addresses it as a demon in its ward save section.

a witnessing player said i should be testing as an undead with the ‘unstable’ rule and crumble like they do.

however, it’s not undead, and it’s not a swarm, and it says Demon (3 times), so it tests like a demon, correct?

2: The burning bright tests. Is this only on the CONTROLLING players turn? or is this every turn. I know this goes back and forth a lot, but I just want to clarify.

Thanks a ton guys

Da Crusha:

1 )you follow the unstable rules in the main rulebook because the k’daai have the unstable rule.

2) its once per game turn not player turn. see the forgeworld faq.


But arnt Kdaii Unbreakable anyway so they don’t need to test.

Hashut’s Blessing:

gIL^: there’s no test for Unstable - if you lose the combat, you lose a number of wounds equal to how much you lost the combat by.