[Archive] Clash of the Hashut - CD vs CD

Wolf :

Hi All,

I thought I’d raise a new thread to discuss strategies for playing CD vs CD. At my local gaming club I have a match lined up against a very experienced player who runs CD.

I’m not a very experienced player and my CD army is very new in fact it wont be ready for the match until end of Feb as it needs to be fully painted.

Anyway I’ve been watching a number of his matches and his army list is as follows:

Sorcerer-Prophet on a Lammasu, full lvl wizs & Lore of Hashut

Dark Castellean with black hammer.

Dark Castellean with fireglaives.

19 infernal guard with great weapons, Deathmask & Musician

19 infernal guard as above.

7 Bull Centaurs inc Ba’hal with great weapons.

1 Magma Cannon

1 Deathshrieker Rocket

1 K’daai Destroyer.

My main concern is the K’daai as I’m not running one at the moment and need to think how I take this bad boy out.

My list.

Sorcerer-Prophet on a Bale Tarus, with Lore of Death 4+ ward etc.

2 Daemonsmiths 1 with lvl 2

1 Dark Castellean with Mask of Furnace.

17 Infernal Guard full command with fireglaives.

16 Infernal Guard with fireglaives.

1 Iron Daemon with Hellbound.

2 Magma Cannons

1 Hellcannon.

Your help in how best to tkae down the K’daai and give my opponent a run for his money.

I was thinking the Iron Daemon to shoot the K’daai into submission as it’s hellbound (magical attacks).


Grimbold Blackhammer:

Iron Deamons are probably the best thing in the game for killing K’daiis of all flavors. A Bull Centaur with a magical weapon and the Dragonhelm will clear him out pretty well. The Lore of Hashut has three great K’daii killing spells. The Lore of Death does too. Other than that, you’re looking at less reliable war machines to hit him with.

Wolf :

You think I should swop lore of death to lore of Hashut. The K’daai destroyer is my real concern, if I don’t take him down quick he’ll moon walk through my entire army.


I Think you need to be carefull of a few things.

His army is faster than yours, so don’t get your train flanked by BC’s.

He looks very likely to bait you with ashstorm, then fireball you with the Lam. Also he might have a breath weapon on it.

I’d say go for his heroes with Death, but don’t get ashstormed and hammred by his Castellan. Also be prepared to get the Hellcannon in combat. Seems like you need good deployment to win this.

Wolf :

Thanks for the advise, I didn’t even think his BC could lock up and destroy my iron daemon, I’ll have to pay close attention to his set-up as the cannonade has a range of 18".

I’m think of splitting my magic lore, with my SP with Death and 1 daemonsmiths with death to make sure my SP get purple sun and then the last daemonsmiths with possibly Hashut or Metal.

What do you think about the SP on a Bale Tarus taking on those BC’s or should I just run a straight gun line defending the flanks with hellcannon and iron daemon. Also have the SP fly up and try to get off purple sun?


First thing first: Thus thread should be moved to the section.

Secondly: How many points is your game going to be?

Thirdly: Which model do you have at your disposal?

I will put on my “Castellans Tactical Glasses 4000” an write up what I would bring against him.

Wolf :

Hey thanks for the response;

First - my bag didn’t release I placed the thread in the wrong location.

Also, how do I change it to tactics and advice?

Second - the game is 2,400 pts.

Third - as follows:

1 Sorcerer-prophet on a Bale Tarus

3 Daemonsmiths

1 Dark Castellean

39 infernal guard with fireglaives this includes on full command of 3.

1 iron Daemon

2 Magma Cannons

1 Hellcannon.

This is what I have now and will be painted in time for the battle.

I’m still thinking what to add to my force and also awaiting the K’daai Destroyer to be released.

Looking forward to your view point on my options.