[Archive] Clash of the Titans! VOTING!


Here is where you can vote for who who you think wins the contest.

Criteria is threefold: Painting, Converting/sculpting, and fluff.

Pyro Stick:

Could you please provide pics of what we are supposed to be voting for.


The Story:

Sule had been fighting through Lustria, leading his knights on a rampage through the ruins of one of the old temple cities. They had won the battle, but there were still Lizards to kill. Behind a giant rock emerged a Saurus Scar Veteran, challenging Sule to combat. Sule grinned, Khaine would be pleased today.

In the fight that followed, Sule won only by getting a stroke off that cut off one of the arms, with a swift second stroke he beheaded the beast.

Sule took the broken body, flayed it, and turned it into a banner to inspire courage in his men. To remind them that even some of the mightiest Lizards can be slayed as easily a human child.

Edit: I will be using the as my Cold Blooded Banner for my Dark Elves.


And now mine…(all sculpted by the by peeps)

Skink preist Chuak’Norraz had had a BAD DAY. Not only had he run out of coffee, (may of the coldblooded Lizardmen had shunned lounging in the sun for hours to warm themselves up, for a shot of java), his personal scribe had called in with a bout of the Yellow Pox. Cursing the damned Skaven for thier bad hygene, he hopped on his Horned One to work.

As he hung up his skaven-hide cloak on the cloak-rack, he sat down in his temple-office and scanned through what duties he had today. The Slann of the city had apparently mumbled something in his medatative state, and Chuak’Norraz was to translate the passage. After 3 hours of intense work, he figured out the apparantly arcane mutterings were just a request for an Elf-Pie, so away to the scriptorium it went.

After a few long hours of catching flies with his tongue, a runner skink scurried upto him. ‘Chuak! That last batch of Dark Elf prisoners are about to be sacrificed, and your the one who the Old Ones have chosen to do so!’ Grumbling about why the Old Ones could have chosen Xualtl’Uax on the 5th floor instead of him,and putting on his ceremonial helmet, he scurried off to the sacrifical altar.

After swiftly dispatching a dozen Dark Elves, all dressed in rags and withered with famine and heat after weeks chained up in the temple dungeons, the final sacrifce was lead up, restrained by two hulking Temple Guard. He was beleived to be the leader of the warparty, and whos named was beleived to be Sule Kadranith, by how the other prisoners had conversed with him. He was a boystrous prisoner, struggling against his captors, spitting out innumerable vile insults. Chuak’Norraz looked on in disgust. These greasy warmbloods disgusted him in every way, especially how they thought they could do whatever they liked! This vile little fellow, according to Tepti’Huax from sector G, had slain and skinned Boq’gor, the Scar Veteran who lived down the road from Chuak. Everyone knew that he was a lizard who liked his fruit juice, and was often seen late at night staggerring home after a bout of drinking. The day that the Warm Bloods invaded, Boq’gor had had a particularily strong hang-over, and wasnt feeling his best, even as he was called to battle. Before the fight, he was releaving himself behind a rock, when this cocky warmblood on a giant lizard similar to a Cold One charged at him with his fly down, and killed him outright.

The still protesting Warm Blood was laid on the altar in front of Chuak’Norraz, and in one swift movement, his heart was ripped from his chest and held alot for him to watch still beating has he slowly died. As the corpse was dragged away, Chuak kicked the stillbeating heard into a patch of jungle plants. He then pulled out his checklist, and looked at what he hadto do next. ‘Give Slann his foot massage…great’ he mumbled to himself.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I refuse to vote

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Sharing this with our fellow Chaos Dwarfs:

I asked Godbob if he had just watched “Brewster’s Millions”, he hadn’t and youtubed it and got this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VQ8pgySec4

Though on behalf of Warplock and myself, please vote :wink:


Tough decision but I was able to do so, Good Job guys!


Great jobs, both of you - but I must admit, that I have a soft spot for WarplockM’s creativity and sculpting skills - so he finally did get my vote :~


Meh, sculpting isn’t everything. Its just one part of the process - you need to follow through on the painting!! While I give Warplock kudos on an ambitious sculpt, he lost points for me with the lack of definition on the dark elf (no toes and fingers, (s)he is a mitten (wo)man!). Unfortunately, Warplock’s painting is rather flat and drab, quite unbecoming for a servant of Sotek, especially one blessed to do an important sacrifice…

Also, I’ve been bribed by the opposition. Normally, I would never accept a bribe, but since that is perfectly in line with Dark Elf philosophy, I took it!!


While I give Warplock kudos on an ambitious sculpt, he lost points for me with the lack of definition  on the dark elf (no toes and fingers, (s)he is a mitten (wo)man!). 

I think youll find GRNDL...HE has 5 didgits on each hand....you just cant see them because my painting is terrible ;)

And SWISS YOU FIEND! All this cheating will just make my victory even more glorious ;)

- Warplock


You got my vote Swiss, i do enjoy some stronger colours.


For the record, Swiss didn’t bribe me directly, or at all really. He sent me a slave for something obscure and I considered it a bribe on my own initiative to liven up the competition. It is no slur against his honour, and shouldn’t be perceived as one. I figured that if the competition is all in good fun, then why not the behind the scenes action? Why can’t we have a bit of fun here and there?


Of course, I suspect Warplock’s entry isn’t entirely his own. Oh, the model and painting are, undeniably, his but the fluff…? What say you to this insidious mock accusation, Warplock?

Kera foehunter:

come on grndl your holding back let us really know what you think!!

Well im no art critic but i think you guys did good and like both of them


Ah but GRNDL, tis all mine…even ask Swiss! I was writing it as we were talking on MSN…:wink:

- Warplock


And does the writing include: spell checking/proof reading, editing and so on? Was the request on the Ogre Stronghold not answered and taken by Just-Josh? If you say you did it all, then you have my respect and I will believe you, but remember that both Hashut and Sotek are watching…

Let honour decide the verdict.


I will stand up for Warplock’s honor, he did indeed write his own work. His daddy didn’t do it for him. :stuck_out_tongue: On that note, being so young and such a good sculptor makes me horrifically jealous. :hat off

Warplock and I were talking on MSN a lot throughout the project, both sharing our thoughts and ideas. It made it a lot of fun. So however this turns out, kudos to you Warplock!

I will admit: When I saw examples of his work after I bounced the idea off him my first thought was “Uh oh”

Kera foehunter:

i believe you guys!!! so when will we know who won??


Geez, you guys are way too honest. So much for the scandal I was hoping to inculcate here!! Boring!!!

So, can we go back to hammering the loser/winner with a big mallet? This is a spectator sport after all… :wink:


Warplock you got my vote. Hard to not to get it when you practicly build the entire thing yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong swiss you did a nice job on yours and I like that you used the new cold one knights but I really am not sure about the armour.