[Archive] Classic CD Blood Bowl Team (new Blocker 28 Jul)


Hi all, I spent a happy few hours last week doing some research on old school Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl teams, and stumbled across the forum.

As I’m new to the forum, I thought I’d kick off with my latest Blood Bowl project which I’m also updating on Talk Fantasy Football, but figured you guys might also be interested:

Back in the late 1980s, or was it early 1990s, I recall owning a copy of White Dwarf which had Blood Bowl catalogue pages in the back (I forget the issue, but think it might have had a yellow cover!). In those pages were the classic Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl figures which I never got round to owning at the time.

It so happened that I recently managed to pick up some figures and decided to build a new team which can be configured as either Chaos Dwarfs, Dwarfs or with the addition of a few other players, as a functioning Blood Bowl team. I really dislike identical duplicate players in a team, so each figure is going to be different. I anticipate this team will take me through to October when I’m supposed to using them as a Dungeon Bowl tournament with my club.

Right, some pics:

The first Boar (Bull) Centaur, shamelessly copied from Horekim’s excellent Chaos Dwarfs, seeing as original Fantasy Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaurs are rather too expensive on ebay! A second one is in the works pending arrival of another Wood Elf piggy.

These two chaps will act as Chaos Dwarf Blockers in the Chaos Dwarf team, but when I’m using them as Dwarfs they’ll both be Troll Slayers (after all they have hair on show and DO look frenzied). I extended the hair on one, and will be swapping his shoulder spike onto his other shoulder too.

Lastly for today it’s a new Chaos Dwarf Blocker. He’s the fantasy mortar crewman chosen because of the helmet style and faceplate. I made his shoulder pads a bit more Blood Bowl-esque and replaced his arm with a greenstuff cast of the Chaos Dwarf thrower arm. Came up pretty well I reckon!

These fellas will be my Runners in the Dwarf team and just bog standard Chaos Dwarfs otherwise. The chap on the left is unaltered, but the guy on the right has had a leg swap with the old fantasy Chaos Dwarf known as Durghal Deathdealer. Durghal had a bare 3-toed webbed foot which made him highly suitable for use as a Runner (no shoes and duck feet clearly make you run faster!). He also got a natty handlebar moustache (I copied the look from the Thrower) and some horns to change his profile. I still need to repair the chainmail skirt, but I like the result :slight_smile:

Lots more figures to come :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see the rest, looks like it will be a very characterful team. I wish I had duck feet.


Certainly looks very promising. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

very cool. I have a few of these models but I use them as crew for my war machines. Im really looking forward to how this team will develop.


Thanks guys!

I’ve been agonising over hobgoblins to go with these guys. I don’t like the pointy hatted / pointy nosed versions, just using orcs seemed a bit underwhelming, and old school citadel hobgoblins didn’t really look like they’d fit.

After some searching for some roughly contemporary models, I discovered the old Marauder Chaos Thugs. They need a fair bit of prep work to remove their bows, quivers and other weapons, but I’m largely satisfied with the results for these two test figures:

The heads are from Maximini and I think are to be used as renegade Imperial Guard, but the helmets and masks sort of work with the Chaos Dwarf ones.

I also added a couple of armour plates to the Boar Centaur to tie him in with the original war machine versions:

What do you think?


That’s a neat idea for the Hobgoblins. I like the looks of this project. :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

the chaos thugs look like they are gonna work out quite nicely. the sculpted plates look good. the only thing that bothers me a bit about that model is the closed legs. to me the top half looks fairly dynamic while the bottom half looks rather static. I didn’t notice it on the first pic.


Looks good, but I dont know if I would convert those old models…


Can’t wait to see them painted, excellent models and excellent conversion. Top notch.


Shed a few tears about the old mini’s, they look really nice though!


the chaos thugs look like they are gonna work out quite nicely. the sculpted plates look good. the only thing that bothers me a bit about that model is the closed legs. to me the top half looks fairly dynamic while the bottom half looks rather static. I didn't notice it on the first pic.

Da Crusha
I'm hoping it's deceptive in the pic - I don't think he's any less dynamic than a lot of other throwers. Maybe it will all come together when he gets a paint job ;)
Looks good, but I dont know if I would convert those old models...

Shed a few tears about the old mini's, they look really nice though!

I've done a few armies and teams converting old models (40k zoat army, slann BB team), and I guess I work from the theory that at least they're being used and I try to do as good a job as I can so it's not just hack jobs that ruin a figure. I probably wouldn't do it to an unreleased figure though :)

Thanks for all the positive comments!


A bit more progress over the weekend. First up is the final Blocker conversion:

He’s made from a Squat pirate with a cast of an arm and faceplate from one of the other Chaos Dwarfs. For those of you who worry about these things he’s fully intact beneath it all, and both additional parts could be easily removed :slight_smile:

Next it’s WIP Board Centaur #2

This guy really has had his legs chopped off! Lots of gs work to do here for the fur, and to do something with his shoulder pads to be more BB.

Some team shots:

Configured as a Chaos Dwarf team. The observant among you will notice that two of the hobgoblins still need to be started. I also need to think about what to do for the Minotaur in this team.

Configured as Dwarfs, complete with positions (although I realise I’ve called Blockers Linemen by mistake). The undercoated Blitzer hasn’t been started, but I chose him as he’s got a very similar pose to the actual BB figure.

Hope you like!


I think you’re making the old models justice with your conversions. (I have a few semi-old Dwarfs and Goblins myself. So far I’ve only touched a Goblin, giving it a notch in its axe and a bigger nose. Wouldn’t want to remake such veterans radically.)

Me like. :slight_smile:

It’ll be interesting to see your painting of these little buggers!


Luckily Ulfo’s legs were already off, he is my favorite chaos dwarf, and I would have raged for a bit if you did that yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that is the only real heresy in this hobby, just so you know it: NEVER cut up an Ulfo Bloodmask!

He is the most perfect mini ever made so no need to do his shoulder pads! :wink:

The chopping considered they are actually really cool conversions and it is good to see someone making a nice gang out of them! As long as they are being played with/you have fun while making them, it’s all good.

I might have to steal the boar centaur idea some time, using my least favorite doubles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They are coming along very nicely mate (: I am looking forward to seeing more!


Hi all - glad you’re not too appalled by my drastic surgery!

I did my first test figure for the colour scheme for these guys this evening - one of the ‘troll slayers’ from the ‘Dwarf’ team:

He needs basing and a number, but otherwise he’s pretty much finished. I like the yellow/blue combo, but it really needs the red, so I’ll try to incorporate red on all the other figures somewhere.

Here’s a test for the Hobgoblins when the team masquerades as real Chaos Dwarfs:

What do you think about the blue skin? I’m not sure and may revert to green, and use blue somewhere else (maybe the gut plate. Any thoughts?


How does time pass so quickly? I guess I must be easily distracted! I finally sat down last night to execute project pink, and to turn a single colour strip into something rather natty looking in pink and yellow. Here’s the results:

The hob is obviously still WIP, but now ties in much better to the chaos dwarfs. I went with green skin after all, but with his new pink side he doesn’t necessarily need the blue skin. Now I’m happy with the colour scheme I need to start batch painting the rest of the players :slight_smile:


Love there colors, very old school (:


Much better with two colours and as Bolg said, really old school. Fits perfect for BB!

The bluebearded dwarfs looks crazy! :slight_smile:


Much better with two colours and as Bolg said, really old school. Fits perfect for BB!
The bluebearded dwarfs looks crazy! :)

Glad you think they look old school - the late 1980s to early 1990s is the era I most enjoy (I guess because that's when I started playing!)

Another micro-update for you:

A Chaos Dwarf Blocker

The painted team to date:

And another very early WIP hobgoblin:

(Still plenty of greenstuff to do on him yet :)


Now they’re looking like a real football team. :wink:

However, that CD blocker looks like he’s missing his right upper arm. There’s a gap in there. Perhaps you could fill it in with green stuff and then repaint it?