[Archive] ClawLeader's Skaven and Such


Here are some shots of a few pieces of my Skaven army, since I am kicking it into high gear for the CDs I won’t be posting so much here, but it will get updated!

This is my Warlock Engineer, love him to death on the paint job.

Moving on to one of my greyseers, horns look weird up close though…

Plague monk unit champion…

And my warplightning cannon

Enjoy! I will get more stuff uploaded like my tyranids or dungeon quest minis if I can find them


Amazing! I love the cannon =)


I just love the paint job, on the Warlock engineer =D


Here is one of my rat ogres I have painted

and another shot of him, hopefully after I get some conversions done of the remaining warrior dwarfs I have I can get some more shots, maybe even a few 'nids too!


I hate to say it, another update in one day! Just to tide every one over until I finish the unit of Warriors for my CDs tonight and tomorrow.

Here is a zoanthrope I have completed a long time ago, hope its pretty cool.

Favorite part of the model was doing the brain, so much fun and took a little outside thinking to get it the way I wanted with the limited paints I had at the time.

This was my chaos lord HQ when I played chaos marines in 40k, gave them all mostly to a friend in town, all I have now is tyranids. Oh and if you notice his backpack is gone, well its now being put to use on a conversion of a warlock engineer I need to finish!

Here are more Skaven

Don’t ask me for how I got the blood effect on the models, its a secret recipe, and it’ll cost you shipping a unit of chaos dwarfs to my house.

Here is my Skaven warlord/chieftain

And now here’s my WIP Thanqual model who I use as a second greyseer.

And now here’s one of my first ever painted models, with absolutely zero knowledge of inks and dry-brushing! Back when I was fourteen years old!


Great work on the skaven bet you cant wait for the Island of blood set to come out to get some more rats on the cheap, I know I cant, going to start my army with what�?Ts in the box


I actually have like 2500 or more points of skaven. I have around 140 clan rat/slaves, 40 night runners, 45 plague monks, 10 storm vermin, 6 giant rats, 2 rat ogres, 2 assassins, 1 death master from 5th ed, two warlock engineers, a warlord, 2 greyseers, and other stuff. I have the cannon, ratling gun, 6 gutter runners and other odds and ends laying around.

IoB is a very eye catching piece, but first I have loads to finish and repaint haha, so I am working on my dwarfs and finishing these guys.


Hmmmmm blood recipie, Looks like what I used ot do with copydex and red gore paint.