[Archive] click HERE?

Da Crusha:

many times I see a link that says “click Here” and when I click on the “Here” its a link and sends me to a page. I was wondering if someone can show me how to do that?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

You mean like changing the big “www.blah,blah, blah.com” link thing into the highlighted words “Click Here” instead?

I often wondered that myself!


Not really difficult!

At the “post a new reply” surface you have the option/icon “insert image” and just beside it is the icon “insert hyperlink”!

Just use this icon! At 1st enter the “www.chaos-dwarfs.com” or what ever address and at a 2nd step (after the ok button) enter the name (for example “my blog”) of your link!

That’s it!

I hope I could explain it sufficiant in my limited english vocabulary! :smiley:



I actually wrote about this in the user guide, bottom of page here


But for those who don’t wish to look at this magnificient work of art (;)). you do

text you want

Da Crusha:

coolest site on the web

ahh I got it thanks a lot guys. and I downloaded that  beardlings guide grim, good stuff there. :cheers:cheers:cheers


Just as a note, making the word “here” as the clickable word is very bad practice. You should always try to make it a word/phrase directly related to the link like Da Crusha has done above.


and again i learned something on cdo…what an amazing site :wink: