[Archive] Colossus daemon engine how to do?


any one have make a model to represent this deamon engine? which dimension can it have? 60 mm base? more ?


If you do a search on the forum for kolossus you will find many results. I think from what i have seen most people make their own variations on the idea, and just come up with whatever they feel like :slight_smile:


What base size you want to use depends on what you are using it as.  If it is a model with your own rules then whatever size.  If it is a counts as great taurus/ giant/ chariot/ etc then it should be on the correct size for that.


One day I will make one :slight_smile:

Parts I would consider are things like: IG Sentinel legs, Ork Dread/Trukk/Battlewagon parts, Dwarf War Machine bits such as fuel tanks, ammo racks, cogs etc, maybe even Inquisitor Karamazov or whatever his name is. Loads of stuff to look at :slight_smile: Unfortunately mail ordering the parts is another matter… stupid GW…


im thinking of doing one as the same design as an ’ Upright Defiler’ but bulking the top out


im thinking of doing one as the same design as an ' Upright Defiler'  but bulking the top out

you mean like this? Link to the PLOG by Lemmingspawn if you want to see more pics


I was think more like his ’ Conan the Destroyer’ Model

But rather where the head is, i plan on putting a drivers console and making it look a lot less 40K


of coarse. haha oh man I just had an idea of having a Giant with a ‘baby’ carrier to carry the Annihilators it might look goofy though


As an Iron Warriors player, that might well be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. That’s the sort of thing I would consider as a Kollosus, possibly with shoulder-mounted bastions for the Blunderers. Like a siege titan.