[Archive] Common Magic Items


What points should I use for the common magic items? Perhaps I’m being stupid, but I can’t see points costs for them in the Skull Pass rule book, and the Army Books I have give different values.

In short, help!


sword of striking 30pts

sword of battle 25pts

sword of might 20pts

bitting blade 10pts

enchanted shield 10pts

staff of sorcery 50pts

power stone 25pts

despell scroll 25pts

talasman of protection 15pts

war banner 25pts

Well thers all the points values.


The points above are correct, I think it’s just the High Elves who get them cheaper.


That’s how the points are in the most of the books I have, but the ones in the 7th edition Orc book are different. That is why I ask really, in case they are different in each book, and I haven’t noticed.

Hashut’s Blessing:

In 7th edition, they will be different. They have decided that 7th edition armies will have different points costs for the common items, but all armies can still have them (Dwarfs sort of have to make their own versions really).

Uzkul Werit:

While we on the other hand, get to use the old prices. Sounds fair to me.


Chaos Dwarfs still use the 6th edition points costs for Common Items, as do all armies whos book has not been re-released in 7th edition. The idea of the new points values is a) Some items were considered over-priced and b) As each army’s magic items were priced according to how useful they were to that race an what nasty combinations you could take them in. For the latter reason, GW wanted to balance oout the common items as well.


Thanks for the help. I have been using the 6th edition costs anyway, but the ones in the Orc book threw me slightly.