[Archive] Community Awards 2011 Winners


I’m sure you all know who the winners are by now, based on the poll results, but now we an make the formal announcements!

Here are the winners for the Chaos Dwarf Online’s 2011 Community Awards:

Best General - Time of Madness
Best Attitude - cornixt
Best Overall Member - Nicodemus
Best Contributor - ThommyH
Best Hobbyist* �?" Tjub & Zonk


A big thank you to everyone who took the time to make nominations as well as vote - particularly those who voted for yours truly :wink:

We’re firing up the forges and I will be awarding medals as soon as they’ve been hammered into shape by the forge slaves! :hat off

Congratulations to all the nominees, your contributions help make CDO the stellar environment that it is!



Congrats to all!!!

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grats to everyone and thanks for making this community to what it is.

Time of Madness:

Thanks for the nominations/votes folks, much appreciated!

Time of Madness


Congratulations to all the winners!


Indeed, well done everyone.


Woah, thanks to the people who voted for me!


Its good peoples like you lot, that keep the rest of us coming back