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2011 has come and gone and thus closing out another exciting year at Chaos Dwarfs Online. For the newer folks around this time every year we take stock and look over who has contributed the most in one way or another to the greater glory of the site and Chaos Dwarfs as a whole.

At stake is the recognition of your fellows and the 2011 Site medals.  These medals are perhaps one of the most coveted medals that one can win as it is voted entirely by your peers based on your conduct on the site. No other medal on the site is dependent on your actions and standing amongst your peers.

So with all this now is the time to get your nominations in.  REMEMBER: this is only for achievements in the year 2011.  Anything that has been achieved in years past other than 2011 is not counted for nominations.

The categories for 2011 are unchanged from previous years and are as follows:

Best Attitude - A member should be nominated on their forum presence and behavior toward other members, displaying exemplary attitudes of kindness and encouragement.

Best General - This member is always ready to give advice on army lists, has very good lists of his own, and perhaps has won a tournament or two using his Chaos Dwarf army.

Best Hobbyist -A nominee for this award has contributed an amazing model, or models that exemplifies what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like: flawless execution of conversion and painting while adhering to the Chaos Dwarf mythos.

Best Contributor - This award will go the member that has contributed most to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs.  He or she has done or made something that has profoundly benefited the presence of Chaos Dwarfs as a whole!

Best Overall Member - This member may not be the best hobbyist, might not ever win a tournament, but he or she has a great presence on the site, the forum, the wiki, the chat and whatever else!  They are dedicated to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs!

What to nominate for?
I encourage you to supply the reason for your nominations.  If you can’t think of who to nominate for a category, do some research.  If you don’t know who the best general should be for example, take a look at the Gaming section of the forum. Who’s been posting battle reports, tactic and helping others with army lists? These should help you come up with a nominee.

How to Nominate
PM your nominations to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to).  

NOTE: You can only nominate one person per category. If you can’t decide which one, flip a coin!

Nominations should include this:

Award Name
Member Name
The contribution that should be recognized and why they should be recognized.

As in the past the nominations will be tallied and ranked.  The top 3 members for each category will then be sent a pm asking them to accept or reject their nomination by a certain deadline yet to be determined. If they accept they will then become an official nominee.

If a member rejects the nomination it will be offered to the person with the 4th highest votes, and so on.  This may mean that if a lot of people reject nominations, or there are not enough people nominated in a category there may only be 1 or 2 people to vote for (or potentially none).

If a person does not reply to the pm we will work on the assumption that they want it and it will automatically be accepted.

We will not tell people how many other nominees there are. Nor will we reveal who the nominees are prior to the next post that announces the official voting.

The final nominees’ names will then be prepared in separate polls for all to vote on beginning 1st February.  After this there will be a 2 week public poll to decide the winners.

The deadline for sending in nominations is 11:59 PM EST (eastern standard time) January 23rd, 2012. This gives a solid 2 weeks to get nominations in and prepare the polls.

Exempt Members
Note that any members with warnings outstanding will not be given the opportunity to accept a nomination. We will not discuss any of this with the community at large as this is only pertinent to the Staff and the member(s) in question.

The Staff CAN be nominated, HOWEVER, they must not be nominated for their staff-related duties.  For example, Willmark could be nominated for his work on “X”, but not for being excellent at moderating the forums.  This way we are all on fair ground.  We are dealing with what we offer the forum as members, not as staffers.

If you have any questions, just ask any of the Staffers!  Send your nominations in as soon as you can!



Thanks for getting this organized Willmark!


Excellent Idea. I really like the concept of the Community Awards.


Get your nominations in folks.


I think the best contributor should go to Time Of Madness, whom I see contributing around a lot.


I think the best contributor should go to Time Of Madness, whom I see contributing around a lot.

Be sure to send that one along to the Staff account.


Long enough on this forum to have an opinion about some nominations. So I will send a PM


I like the idea of the community award, but being a newby i can`t say a thing about last year.


Long enough on this forum to have an opinion about some nominations. So I will send a PM

LOL... Um, I think all the nominations were due last night before midnight Bolg! x.x

Kera foehunter:

I like the idea of the community award, but being a newby i can`t say a thing about last year.

I know what you mean:hat off


I always find it so difficult to decide who I should nominate!

And sadly, I didn’t have the time to really think over it this year so I didn’t nominate anyone at all. Will be voting though :wink:

Kera foehunter:

so that means today the Big day

Times a ticking