[Archive] Competition to win a full set of Vallejo paints!


Hi Guys,

A recently started up webstore, OG Games, is running a competition to win a full set of Vallejo Paints!

All you have to do is register on the forum and post in the thread here:


Please note that this competition is only for UK residents! (although we’d appreciate more members to the forum from anywhere)

Please stay around after entering, we’re looking to expand the forum (especially the painting section)



***@ mods - if this is in the wrong place, please can you move it?


Bah, UK only. This is a GLOBAL VILLAGE, you hear??!!??!


Sorry GRNDL, it was the decision of the guy who owns the store, I’m just one of the PR monkeys!


Good luck with the competition.

Does seem a bit odd for a webstore to be restricting a promotional contest to a specific region. Personally, I buy stuff from webstores overseas all the time.


its only for a restricted region at the current time as teh webstore hasn’t got itself set up for global postage yet. There may be future stuff for the global market though, I’ll enquire