[Archive] Complete Chaos dwarf army



I have a collection of rare old Chaos dwarves (and black orcs, sneaky’s etc) that I want to sell. Im actually living in Sweden, so that’s to take in to consideration with shippingcosts etc.

I’ll just list the stuff here and you can contact me if any of you would be interested. I think Im putting it all up at ebay but thought I could write about it here first :slight_smile:

Everything is unpainted. I also have pictures for anyone who’s interested. Would like to sell the whole army at once of course… :slight_smile:

Best regards


Chaos dwarf lord on Great taurus in original box unopened.

Chaos dwarf sorcerer on Lammasu in original box unopened.

Astragoth, high priest of Hashut

Chaos dwarfs Army list

13 Chaos dwarfves plastic

12st Chaos dwarf blunderbusses, metal

4st chaos dwarf bull centaurs, metal

1st chaos dwarf bull centaur standard bearer, metal

7st hobgoblin wolfriders plastic

1 st hobgoblin wolfrider captain, metal

8st sneaky gits, metal

11st black orcs, plastic

1 st black orc command group, metal

25st goblin archers, plastic

16st goblin spearmen, plastic

1st chaos dwarf commandgroup (3 dwarves), metal

1st chaos dwarf rocket launcher, metal