[Archive] Completed Hellcanon!


For those following the army blog progress, here is my Hellcannon completed. This will be used as an Earthshaker (using count as rules) for my army.

Hope you like,

Mark :cheers


I like the understated nature of the paintjob.

It actually looks as though it’s been sitting on the plains of Zharr being battered by the weather.


Whoa, nicely done my friend! Love it!

Uzkul Werit:

Looks much better than mine. looks glummly at Hellcannon on shelf

Those Dwarf statues at the front are a great touch.


Snazzy paintjob and you’ve done a great job on the base. It adds a nice (well you know what I mean ;)) feel to it.

Could we get some close-ups of the crewmen?



Really? I’m sure its not bad Uzkul…

Look at it this way painting figures is like martial arts… No matter how much your know (or think you do), someone out there always knows more. To carry that on to painting: There are plenty of better people out there that are way better then me at painting, No matter how hard I try I’ll NEVER be as good as them, just isn’t gonna happen. however I focus on getting better then what I have painted before, really the only way to do it really.

Best quote to close with on this topic: “The journey is the reward”.

Thanks for the kind comments guys. Lets see what I can whip up next.

Links to the crewmen as wells the rest of the WIP pics of the army can be found here:

Lava Lord:

:hat off very, very, nice - the scheme and painting. It is true also what you said about painting. I’ve always thought any paint is better than none.

Curious, would any of your gaming group object to your using this piece as the actual Hell Cannon? :hashut

Traitor King:

Ive been following your blog, but its nice to see this finsihed.

The scenic base is great, with some really nice touches on it.


Curious, would any of your gaming group object to your using this piece as the actual Hell Cannon? :hashut

Lava Lord
Probably not, more to the point if I play at a shop or something like that.

TK- Thanks!:)

Uzkul Werit:

Trust me, using the Hellcannon ain’t worth it. I used it twice. It got cannon sniped on Turn One once and the other time, it decided to eat all my army.


Is the Hellcannon subject to frenzy? If it is then I imagine it would be too easy to bait.


Hence why I would rather use it as Earthshaker.


fair enough too.