[Archive] Confirmation on upcoming chaos dwarf releases

Time of Madness:

Just had a chance to speak with Forgeworld (while submitting the FAQ).

As we know Monstrous Arcana will be released sometime next year.

The good news is Bull Centaurs, K’daai Fireborn and Destroyers are in the book. I’ve been told directly that they will get top priority when it comes to getting models and they should be released when the book is released.

Great news! As I’ve been hearing rumblings lately that they won’t be doing anymore chaos dwarfs.

Time of Madness

EDIT Just checked the Forge World facebook page and it also confirms this!


Great news! As I've been hearing rumblings lately that they won't be doing anymore chaos dwarfs.

Time of Madness

*EDIT* Just checked the Forge World facebook page and it also confirms this!

Time of Madness
:( I didn't found it on their facebook page, too bad that they'll not makes some Bull Centaur, but finally, good to hear it to launch the conversions !

Thanks for it :hat off


Time of Madness:

You mis-read my post.

They are making Bull Centaurs and both types of K’daai.

It was posted on the facebook page yesterday (you’ll have to go into the older posts and plow through all the fortyk stuff).

Time of Madness


Oh right ! My apologies for the miss understanding, so this is definitly good news !

Thanks you so much :slight_smile:



Excellent News.

Taken from facebook so folk don’t have to go trawling.

Question from an individual

I know you guys are currently planning your Chaos Dwarf priorities… what are the odds that Bull Centaurs or a K’daii Destroyer would be a top priority? Both seem to be popular choices and having updated Bull Centaur models would be nice for Blood Bowl too.
Forgeworld’s answer.
Both these units will also feature in the Monstrous Arcana book that was previewed iat Games Day UK, so while we haven’t made any decisions yet there’s a good chance these will be toward the top of the list, yes :slight_smile:


top priority sounds good, i hope they have the same definition of the term as i do :wink:

nice to hear bull centaurs are back in, that is very important for the whole line, from a business perspective. the more “standard” units wf releases, the more people will start playing the army which will increase sales of other cd items… also they’ll look wonderful, clear up some questions and they will sell like hotcakes!

great news, thanks for the info!


Very good news , but we have a loooong time to way before seeing something ^^ , unfortunately .