[Archive] Confrontation Mid Nor for CD's?


Have a box full of these old figs,

Has anyone tried making an army out of them? Very basic troops, if a bit large, I may have trouble putting them on 20mm bases. Have enough for a couple of big units, mainly of melee troops though. Plus the centaur type figs.

If I go this route though, I’ll have to figure out how to make up some twisted machines though, plus bigger monsters and monstrous cavalry.

Has anyone tried this before? Did a search using “Confrontation” and didn’t see it specifically…


No units that I’ve remember seening. I have seen them on evil-bay and thought they could be a “maybe”.

As to fitting on a 20mm base, there are a few like that. The Bederkin / Darkling models I have will pose the same problem.

Maybe stagger the front line and number them as they fit. If an opponent doesn’t like it then “To hell with them”

Also if you go the Kings of War route you won’t need a solid fitted block of the exact number of troops.

Thommy H:

Wallacer’s massive army has quite a few…


I have one of the standard bearers, the one with the voodoo dolll type icons.

I want to get the Demon Tower thing at some point but haven’t gotten around to it



I think a blend of figures will do the trick, that’s the true spirit of Chaos, not a single figure alike. I like the way he went around the hobgoblin route using massed Night Gobbos, easier that way.

Darn that was a LOT of figures from many manufacturers!!!

Love it!

Ditto on the idea of ranking them up like the Mantic figs, let’s truck on forwards and kick butt!!!


I have quite a few of these that I am planning to use in my army as Abyssal Dwarf berzerkers amongst other things. If when I finally get the time to lay paint on them. The caveat is that I play Kings of War and not WHFB. The core unit size is standardized as a blog, so individual base size doesn’t matter. With models that don’t fit the standard 20mm bases, I use 25mm bases and rank them in 3 rows of 4 models 25mm square with a 5mm unit fill line at the back. This makes it the same size base size as a 20mm 4 rows of 5 models each unit and allows for the models to fit the bases confortably. Not a suitable fix for WHFB unless you never play tourneys and your normal opponents are not particular.