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General Reminders
- Avoid black and white illustrations whenever possible.
- Do not use GW artwork or illustrations. From issue #2 and onward this is in effect. This is actually spelled out on their site. Also focus of webzine should be the minis.
- Do not use GW Logos with other companies products. Example is the cover of issue #2, another companies mini with a GW logo. This one has the biggest potential for raising GWs ire.
- Use of anyone’s artwork that is not a member of the site: permission needs to be granted prior. Submissions Coordinator to head up and have all permissions granted on file and organized by issue.

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I’ve started work on this:

Quickie guide to spellings and conventions

If the phrase or word isn’t in this list, then try to find a copy of it in the Warhammer rulebook or an army book. GW isn’t always consistent though, but the generic rule is to use lower case for everything except proper nouns. Looks like the British/Canadian spelling is used, even in the US versions.

Capitalisations and Non-Capitalisations

Mundane equipment (hand weapons, heavy armour, bow)

battle standard, standard, musician, champion

General, Wizard

Magic items and spells (Sword of Striking, etc)

Special rule names (Psychology, Fear,

Unit types

Army names (Empire, Orcs and Goblins (note the “and”))

Specific creature names (Goblin, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elf,

Non-specific creature/unit names (monster, chariot, crew, steed, war machine, character, skirmishers, flyers)

characteristics (Movement, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Initiative, Wounds, Attacks, Leadership, armour save)


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