[Archive] Constructing Zharr Naggrund


fine then. how about constructing the bottom layer of the ziggurat


Problem is though that the bottom layer is the biggest, and it would be so massive that it would be practically impossible to assemble…

Which is why I suggested only building one gate.

I’m actually tempted to suggest that you go for any of the other cities actually. Uzkulak or Urogash would be a good bet. Or even design your own one as the scale you’d be building this on would mean it could be any of the countless smaller strongholds you’d find across the plain of zharr.


well, when doing research i found out that zharr naggrund is actually the only city in the whole of the chaos dwarf empire


one of the things i would really like to construct is one of the main roads (gold and brass) passing over a bridge with a network of roads and steam wagons underneath

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I found that the 28mm scale is roughly 1:48th or “O” guage model Railway Scale. Try looking for bridges from those.


i absolutely love the bridge on here



well, when doing research i found out that zharr naggrund is actually the only city in the whole of the chaos dwarf empire

well it is the only 'city' in the strict sense of that word, but there are a lot of other places that chaos dwarfs inhabit, so just build one of those:hat off


yeah but the whole point of this project was to build the capital however i do think it will be too big so i think a group of us should do it in parts


A good place to start would be doing some research into big railway junctions.  You could buy a load of model railway kits on the cheap once you’ve done a basic plan.

By the sounds of things what you have in mind is like a canyon with a massive road bridge across it.

This could be possible, but you’d need to have at least 3 potential ways for units to cross from one side to the other to make a decent battlefield.  In measurements at least 2’.

Years ago I designed a load of battlefields for a gaming group.  One of them was an empire town with a big river across it.  I did a fortified bridge, and left a big section on one side with a dam so that the rest of the board people could use to cross.

You could do something similar here, make it look like Zharr Naggrund is under siege and build a huge bridge across a canyon that ran the length of the board.  The bridge could be 1’ wide at least to allow multiple units to cross.

Along the canyon floor you could have a load of railway tracks, maybe as much as 5 wide. (with a CD steam train of course :))

If you were clever how you built this it could also be used for 40k.

Having a simple wall (all be it a 1’ tall one) running along the back would make a lot more sense than trying to build a whole level of a city.  To do that even on a simple level would mean you’d need a board at least 8’ by 6’ imo to be worthwhile.  By doing a wall you can make it wide enough to hold a full unit, but not wide enough for buildings ontop, so you could get away with 8’ by 4’ at a push.

I think you need to do some long thinking about this.  You need to set a budget and do a plan.  If you do this I wouldn’t expect a huge amount of things to be sent to you, so you’d need to bear that in mind (that you could finish it by yourself).  You could approach your local gaming group for help (if you have one)?

I helped to build quite a cool empire town once years ago.  I built 3 houses.


there are some really good ideas there, i especially like the one using the railway tracks however, i didn’t think of it really as a battlefield, more a diorama with no figures so i don’t think i would put it under siege what part of the city would you consider building if any


ive just been thinking and what if we make it a diorama with figures, like bull centaurs outside of the temple of hashut and such


Only if they are your minis :wink:


yeah obviously i wouldn’t expect people to give up their own minis grim, which part of the city would you want to make


I think, that you need to sketch out the whole city, or a portion of it. then determine how large that would be at 1/48th scale. If it ends up being too large, scale down what you want to create.

Feasibly, the only people that could viably help you are the ones on the same continent in the same hemisphere as you… while it would be cool to build a part of it, I’d not be too happy with any shipping methods or the cost of those shipping methods either.

don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea, but just not so practical. And how would I enjoy my piece, if it’s sitting at your pad? (lol, see what I mean?)


i totally agree with you that was what i was worried about most i still haven’t figured that one out yet

perhaps if we each made a part and ten photographed them from a particular angle, they could be photoshopped together


There is also the possibility of making a smaller scale version, like Warmaster scale.  That would make the entire project reasonable.  I remember GW developing something like that for Mordheim development (see WD #223). Don’t get me wrong, it will still be big.

I think this will help…


Kera foehunter:

heck with the ney Sayer. lets see some stuff !! a temple of hashut would be cool for starters

Da Crusha:

well I think warmaster scale would be a better idea, but besides that, as far as suggestions go, I think you need a whole bunch of sorcerer statues going along a road to the nearest other “city”, I read about all sorcerers eventually turning to stone:mask and being placed there.


I also suggest to start with a cool temple of Hashut for your gaming table. Here some inspiration:


One Grendel model ( http://www.scotiagrendel.com/grendel_historical_2.html ):

Some Middle East buildings ( Hovels Ltd:middle East Arab 25mm. , pic attached)

Hirst moulds for plaster:

Egyptian Molds | Hirst Arts

esp.: Egyptian Tower Mold | Hirst Arts


I think this project might be a little to massive, you also gotta think of the outskirts etc. This might take a team which can work together well a month or 9-10, maybe even more, and that would be with a limitless budget. In this case I’d say you start building maybe 1 gate and show it to the rest of the community to intrest more people, and then slowly build more parts. I do think it is a great idea to get more well-known and for GW to acknowledge us but it might be just a little bit to big for us to do unless we would have a real big room where we could put it up and every member sending in a building or 2?

If you can get like 50-100 people steamed to send in some parts you can count on me aswell, but I am not sure if it is a reachable goal. Maybe building the toplayer and the one beneath it and then build more when people start sending in stuff is a goal easier to reach, though this project has got to be massive!

Good luck on it anways :cheers