[Archive] Contingent Rumors and FW to halt new CD models?


I was reading though a summary of some of the new Contingent Rumors for various old armies being worked into 8th ed and saw a very odd note at the bottom about Chaos Dwarfs (we all know they’re not Chaos Dwarves!!):

No specific rumors other than Forgeworld being told to stop making new ones (Hasstings69, et al). This could potentially mean that they are being reserved for some sort of future GW development, or not, we’ll see.
:o   What??  Has anyone else heard anything like this at all? I know we’ve all heard the info from Trys and the other FW staff that they’re working on Bull Centaurs and other models, so we know it doesn’t refer to that, but I wonder if the above snippet is in reference to anything beyond the FW studio’s current plans.

Was news to me and rather odd.  The above link does mention that FW (well, Warhammer Forge to be proper) will be making zoats, fimir, etc as well.  Whoot. I can continue to update my HeroQuest models with contemporary versions :wink:



Well i think Fw should be fair and give time for other things than chaos.

I got a feeling that the new warriors of chaos book might get some chaos dwarf entry’s, Much like the Hellcannon.

Thommy H:

It’s an old rumour, since contradicted by some newer information. That Warseer thread hasn’t been updated.

Time of Madness:

It's an old rumour, since contradicted by some newer information. That Warseer thread hasn't been updated.

Thommy H
Thommy has it right.

We have the K'daai and centaurs still to come (as well as the 2 character pack, which we have all seen).

After that though who knows, by then the majority of the line will have been completed anyways.
Time of Madness


Centaurs and a Prophet on foot are all I care about. As far as Kdaii go there are lots of other models that could be used. Surprised no one has mentioned this


Thommy H:

They have. When the rumours started months and months ago we all went and found out where the name came from.


These are completely unconnected.

Contingents… I’ll believe them when I see them. If I were a GW manager this seems like a great way to find who’s been leaking stuff…

The FW thing was about them working on CD models they haven’t even started yet. I think that’s why FW sneakily put the K’daai in the monstrous arcana book, so they could release them anyway. :wink:


We’ve also got the Skullcracker still to come.

I can’t wait to get my mits on that.

It’s like a Tenderiser on steroids.


While this is an old rumour it could be read two ways. It could be read as not doing any more models that havent already been sculpted or it could be read as no more Chaos Dwarf rules or models after you have released all the models for the army list in Tamurkhan. I like to think that it’s the latter ie once you’ve done the stuff in this book: no more. I suspect it’s because of trying to juggle the army release schedule and Warhammer Forge might impact on GW’s main releases. Especially now that GWs prices are getting close to the formerly exorbitant prices of Forgeworld.