[Archive] conversion attempts of the DoC army book.(indy)


when i got my DoC army book from the indy GT armies i saw the deamoneathers profile reading it gave me an idea for the deamon smith GHALAR witch lost his legs at a rocket laungh accident and strapt himself to one of his deamoneather greations looking at the back of the book (page 83) thers a big machine with 2 dwarfs on it one as you look close is attached to the machine and the other is riding along

(chariot style) is this GHALAR if so im going to attempt to create this

special character, i already have the parts to start converting, im going to use the steamtank as a basis.and i have two dwarfs that im going to use as GHALAR and his crewmember.

anyone ever made an ghalar if so could some of you help me with some feedback.

p.s. i`v also made one of those scorpion type things on the same page.

cheers kornchild.


i`v included the pictures i am talking about.

ghalar the deamonsmith.

the scorpion cannon (use them as death rocket)



the dwarf death rocket scorpion conversion.

more picture follow.



nice idea for a conversion.

finally a good use for the necron range :smiley:


nice idea for a conversion.
finally a good use for the necron range :-D

Hahahaa.. yeah I have to agree with that statement.. though it is looking good even if the tail looks a bit too thick..

ONly ideas that jump to my mind on the first guy would be defiler and hellcannon mix..



perhaps cut a ‘V’ down the tail, then re-glue and seal the gap, would make a funell shape of tail, - mroe realistic?


you were right, this was the place were i found that concept art thingy i mentioned in my conversion thread.

the use of necron bitz to make a eruption gun type warmachine is pretty sweet.

i think Nitro’s idea should work to get the tail more in shape.


@Vash yeah im not happy with the result of my death rocket as it is now i will probably be redoing it and make it look more like the one in the picture.

@grisnik no no the steam tank is perfect for the first picture conversion i turned the steamtank upside down the front is now the back and back is front top is bottom and bottom is top.

i have a dwarfs engenire that im going to convert in to ghalar

and a reaper greatweapon dwarf as his guard and bearer of his great deamon axe.and im thinking of useing clock sprockets for the wheels.

i`ll post some first WIP pictures ASAP.

cheers.and thanks for the C&C.

p.s.im thinking of useing LOTR dwarfs as rabble???. (smaller so the chaos dwarfs look more menacing.)


Lotr dwarfs as rabble, nice idea. They might just look small enough to count as childeren…


or just young dwarfs (beards).

now to show you all my ghalar WIP.

i got the idea from the chaos dwarfs unofficial army book.its the first picture of the drawings you see here (top).

i desided to use a steamtank for the conversion and some leftover stuff from my soulgrinder i may redo the wheels as im thinking of useing sprockets from an old windup clock.

so here is the start of my ghalar on deamoneather.

C&C please



These are really cool! Im looking forward to see them finised… :slight_smile:


nice as always, kornchild!


turning the tank upside down make it really look the part. looks really good


that is awesome!

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That is a really clever idea of turning the tank upside down. The gear detailing on the bottom really makes it work. You should try greenstuffing some daemonic fleshy muscle tissues on parts of the legs, to really make it look daemon-bound :slight_smile: