[Archive] Conversion idea


Been messing around with sculpting beards after watching our hosts how to video on Youtube. Now… I was looking to add something hatty to my existing very large CD army (I will post picts some day when I get them back from storage… I promise). Basically I was looking for something to make a hammerers/ iron breakers unit and some specialist stuff (flame cannon) so that I could use my CD’s as a regular Dwarf list. (I will do the hobos into a Ork and goblin list later). My question is this… size wise if I cut the hat off of a plastic chaos dwarf and stuck it to a regular current ed dwarf with the long beard’s face mask on top (of the face) would it fit or be too big (the hat)?

I would then re-sculpt the armour and the beard to match…

Bad idea?



The plastic CDs were absurdly large, even against other plastics. I expect that the hats will be far too large for the current dwarfs


I don’t know actually, with the ‘longbeard’ mask on the front it might just work! You’d have to measure it first I think.

Could you not just use the Hellcannon as a flame cannon?

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Hey, that’s a good one Grimstonefire … Hellcannon as flamecannon … I’ll definattely remember it, thanks! :wink:

Ontopic, is there anybody who could try it out? Looking at my the metal versions of the Bighats and the current plastic Dwarfs, it seems pretty do-able.

Kera foehunter:

well the plactis warriors cd hats are to big

the tall hats on the blunderbuss are close but big

the earth shaker rounded tall hat to big

the earth shaker engineer would work !!

but the tall hat would fit the old plastic warrior the clann type with the axe and shield perfect

there you go  Hrothgar

ps the tall hats would fit slayers after a hair cut